No skin should look like a wrinkled elephant face. Nor resemble a dried ugly prune or a sun-dried tomato.

So you better make a commitment to take good care of your skin as early as you can.

There are four easy steps to avoid and combat wrinkles and dryness:

First step: CLEANSE with a gentle cleanser like Cosmetic Skin Solutions Cleanser. By cleansing your skin properly, you are removing embedded oil and deep-seated dirt.

Second Step: CLEAR your skin with a beauty product that has salicylic acid which helps prevents pimples and acne. Some people try to avoid dairy to get rid of breakouts.

Third Step: HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! You need to keep your skin moist and supple by using products with non-greasy, hydrating formula from Cosmetic Skin Solutions. Also, you can use creams with Vitamin E and Shea butter.

Last Step: PROTECT your skin with sunscreen that has at least 50% protection. It’s always better to use a different sunblock for your face and your body.

If you simply and religiously follow these 4 simple steps, you can NEVER ever have dry skin with wrinkles.