Supreme Olive Serum™ | Clinically Tested | #1 Best Olive Serum | Cosmetic Skin Solutions

My skin is rather like a highway. It has rough patches, itchy spots, and reddened areas. I like to treat my skin gently, and this product delivers a smooth, silky formula that simply glides onto my skin. I started using this formula sparingly. I wanted to make sure that it didn’t add to my existing skin issues.

My skin absorbed the formula quickly, giving me a hint as to how quickly the product would begin working its magic. No, the formula is not actually magical, and it doesn’t work instantly. As with any skin product, it does take several days to work. Set your expectations at about a week, and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Of course, you should take into consideration the condition of your skin as well as your age. Being a bit older, I expected Supreme Olive Serum to take a few extra days to produce results.

Although this serum feels oily when it first touches my skin, no oiliness remains once the absorption process is finished. I have combination skin, and I did have a second’s hesitation in using this cosmetic formula. However, no new issues arose with oiliness, and my skin feels balanced and nourished. I feel happy with my choice.

I like the scent, too. It is delicate, light, and barely noticeable. It doesn’t overpower my other cosmetic products, which is an added feature that I really like.

I find that it readily soothes and calms my skin. Placing it directly on itchy spots relieves discomfort within a short time. It makes my skin feel cool, refreshed, and pampered.

One of the reasons I chose Cosmetic Skin Solution’s Supreme Olive Serum, is that it offers a clinically tested and approved formula containing antioxidant ingredients chosen for their dermal wound healing capabilities. Even though my skin began to feel better after applying the formula, I continue using it. Who wouldn’t? It feels silky, moisturizes, and minimizes redness. Perfect for my needs!