Cosmetic Skin Solutions is off to a fresh start to 2020 as we are pleased to present 5 Brand New Products set to launch soon!

Enjoy Cosmetic Skin Solutions first natural products which include:

Natural Supreme CE™, a pharmaceutical-grade SUPREME SERUM VITAMIN C™ contains 84.64% ingredients sourced from natural and organic resources.

CBD SUPREME™ NATURAL OIL, an ULTRA-CONCENTRATED 150mg OF FULL SPECTRUM CBD. CBD SUPREME™ NATURAL OIL is a SUPERPOWERFUL™, ultra-concentrated pain relief oil which contains 150mg of full-spectrum CBD to provide instant relief to sore muscles, pains, aches and strains associated with arthritis and injuries.

CBD SUPREME™ NATURAL CREAM is a highly-concentrated, pain reduction topical cream formulation which provides 100mg of full-spectrum CBD to help stressed skin feel soothed and calm while providing relief to sore muscles, pains, aches, and strains associated with arthritis and injuries.

HAIR DENSITY SCALP SERUM, a Professional Strength, alcohol-free scalp therapy serum contains a proprietary combination of antioxidants and peptides which promote SUPERREGENERATIVE™ physiologic processes to boost SUPERCELLRENEWAL™ properties, thus strengthening and opening of the hair follicle, increasing hair density, hair thickness, reducing hair loss.

SUPREME EYE REVERSAL CRÈME™, a clinical-grade eye crème, provides SUPERCORRECTIVE™ action against dark circles, bags, and puffiness utilizing SUPERREGNERATIVE™ peptides to stimulate microcirculation of skin cells.