In an effort to determine genuine and authentic Cosmetic Skin Solutions products’ from counterfeit, Cosmetic Skin Solutions has developed 2 high security stickers. The below points and information on each sticker outlines the high technology built into each sticker. These high security stickers will go into effect beginning June of 2021 for all newly manufactured Cosmetic Skin Solutions products’.

High Security Hologram Sticker

-14 mm in diameter

-Flip 1 showing switch effect with depth will read ORIGINAL on top of logo and AUTHENTIC below logo

-Flip 2 showing switch effect with depth will display 3 hexagons to top and below logo in repeating pattern

-Invisible UV Image – Under UV light source, hologram label will show 3 hexagons in repeating pattern

-Dot matrix in rainbow color on horizontal lines above and below Cosmetic Skin Solutions logo

-Micro Text comprising the two horizontal lines above and below Cosmetic Skin Solutions logo (need microscope to read)

-Laser hidden image showing CSS bouncing off wall adjacent to position of label (laser needs to be performed in a dark space)

-Tamper Evident Hexagon logo – Hologram label will have 3 hexagons (after peel off) in repeating pattern

-Tamper Evident Hexagon logo – After peel off, will have 3 hexagons residue left on surface of box in repeating pattern


High Security Clear Sticker

-1 inch in diameter

-Hidden image, when peeled away will COSMETIC SKIN SOLUTIONS in a repeating pattern

If you have reason to believe the product you purchased is counterfeit, please contact Cosmetic Skin Solutions customer service immediately.