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Exclusive Peptide Mask Collection

Bio-Cellulose technology, Moisturizing, Apple Stem Cell, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF),

Under-Eye, Neck, with 24K Pure Gold Leaf

Our Bio-Cellulose 24K Gold Facial Mask line includes numerous peptides, stem cells, epidermal growth factors, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, and cutting-edge active ingredients to treat conditions associated with the facial area, eye, neck, and decollate.

Includes a complimentary bio-cellulose peptide facial mask with purchase.

Out of stock



The Bio-Cellulose System is one of Dermacessity Gold’s unique products’ as Nano Technology of specialized fibers on a nano scale with diameter 1/300 intertwine with other overlapping fibers to form a firm, soft, elastic, 3D layer which allows the mask to retain a high volume of active ingredients. The delicate structure of the Bio-Cellulose molecules allow a breathable layer when in contact with skin to enhance the infusion of active ingredients and nutrients into the epidermal layer of skin.

Traditional forms of mud, cream, or cloth masks do not contain this technology, therefore limiting absorption and effectiveness. Dermacessity Gold is the only manufacture combining Bio-Cellulose Technology with state of the art peptides with 24K Gold to enhance all the benefits of these precious and highly effective ingredients!

 Our professional selection of Bio-Cellulose facial peptide masks are the highest quality on the cosmetic marketplace! Our masks contain 24K pure gold which is not offered anywhere else. Our high end Bio-Cellulose facial peptide gold masks can be customizable and incorporated into your daily skin care regimen designed for sensitive, and all skin types!

Each mask can be incorporated into your existing skincare regimen. Please note, all products have specific ingredients for specialized functions which target certain skin symptoms. Instructions for use may be found on each product page listing.

Our luxurious 24K Gold selection and Bio-Cellulose Technology System pertains to most retailers with an upscale presence to offer a unique, effective approach utilizing the exceptional skin benefits of Gold! This goes beyond customer expectations to achieve radiant, flawless looking, healthy, glowing skin!


Includes a complimentary bio-cellulose peptide facial mask with purchase.

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