Supreme Eye C5™

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This remarkable, patent pending SUPREMESERUM VITAMIN C™ in a hyaluronic acid gel delivers precisely a medium concentration of vitamin C combined with Asiatic Acid to delicate skin surrounding the orbital of the eye.
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In addition, this SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ combination reduces free radical damage, thus promoting photo protection and preventative benefits

This refreshing eye gel instantly revitalizes and energizes tired-looking eyes.  Delivers a medium concentration of Vitamin C to visibly brighten skin around the eyes for fresher, younger-looking eyes.

Antioxidants vitamin C and Asiatic acid target first signs of aging beneath and adjacent to eyes.  Provides age-fighting properties to protect against environmental damage and sunlight.  Highly concentrated with hyaluronic acid to gently hydrate the skin around the eyes.

Improves and brightens discolored skin tones

  • Protects against UV radiation by neutralizing free radicals
  • Provides optimal moisture for smooth, firm, and hydrated skin

Stimulates collagen and elastin
High amounts of hyaluronic acid contain water-binding properties

Additional information

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3.5 in



This product is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F to optimize the efficacy, effectiveness, and to prolong the freshness of this product.


Each morning after cleansing, gently smooth 3-4 drops to skin adjacent to and underneath the orbital of the eye, or as directed by a Dermatologist. Follow up with a Cosmetic Skin Solutions moisturizer and sunscreen.


Avoid getting product directly into eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Store in a cool, dry place, absent to light.

United States Manufacturing Facility

FDA-Registered with Establishment ID E1007576
Cosmetic Manufacturing License WA-041-17992

52 reviews for Supreme Eye C5™

  1. Abdulla (verified owner)

    I love this product. It gives my skin a bright glow and firming effect.

  2. BeeQueen

    I really like this eye gel. It is nice to have a product that contains Vitamin C that you can use around your eyes. I have noticed a difference in the texture of the skin under my eye. I would definitely purchase this again.

  3. Shoe Guru

    This is one of the few eye gels that seems to really work. It has lightened the areas under my eyes, and has tightened the skin around and under my eyes as well. I am very pleased with this product.

  4. Dariya Abdrakhmanova (verified owner)

    I have been using eye gel formula for a month already. It makes you feel fresh and skin looks smoother. Will buy again.

  5. Laura M Marino

    Instantly refreshes tired, morning eyes, likewise it works its magic to lift them in the evening. @58 years old, I’ll take it.

  6. Carol Opala

    I have used this for years and I’m sure it has helped prevent my eye area from becoming crepey. All the CSS products are excellent quality and their customer service is the best I have ever had from a store, online or in person. As a long time UK customer I can highly recommend the products and company, you can buy with confidence.

  7. TA

    Great Eye Gel! I started using it recently and feel positive changes immediately.

  8. sselander44

    This eye gel is fantastic! It immediately toned, tightened, and added a youthful sheen around my eye area. At 50 years old, this is a vital factor to looking younger!

  9. Eileen S.

    I recently purchased this product & I love it. A little goes a long way & the results are amazing in a very short time. Will never stop using this product!

  10. Eileen S.

    I recently purchased this product & absolutly love it, The fine lines are disappearing. A little goes a long way & does an amazing job. I will never stop using this product

  11. Fiorella87

    It´s the only product that has ever work on my under eye bags! They are smooth and clearer now. The texture is a bit sticky but It absorbs so no biggy. Will buy it again!

  12. Michelle Chong

    I started using this Eye gel a month ago. It’s too early to see the results but I can feel it myself, the eye gel is working on me. I can see some improvement on my eye area. I found the right eye gel for my tired and stressed eyes.

  13. Kara Oneil

    I have been a faithful user of this Phyto botanical gel for over 6 years & I love it. My hyperpigmentation is gone and it never caused breakouts on my oily skin, so I have never stopped using. I have use many of CSS products, one of which have done wonders for my skin. Can’t live without!

  14. Jane Rodgers

    So far I really like the firming eye gel. It’s too early to see results but it goes on very smooth.
    But the best thing is that I can put it on in the morning under my makeup and my liner doesn’t smear or run.

  15. JoanCal

    Started using this product a couple of months ago. I really like the smooth texture and how it feels on my eyes. Still taking the time to notice gradual results and differences in my skin but am willing to use for awhile yet.

  16. DB

    I just received this product so I have only used it less than a week but I can already see a dramatic difference in my crows feet and the delicate skin under my eyes is firmer! Wish I would of found this product years ago!

  17. Natalie

    Love this product as well as other serums from cosmetic skin solutions. After one application you can see the difference.

  18. Julie

    I love this product! It has improved my crows feet significantly. I use it both in the morning and at night. I’ve been using it for several months and am very happy with the results. It has also reduced discoloration around my eyes and on my eyelids. I use the C&E serum in those areas as well before applying this.

  19. Chantal

    This is a very lovely product: My eye contour is very fragile and sensitive but this serum hydrates it beautifully, I can’t do without it and I definitely recommend it to a lot of my friends and family, it really makes a difference!

  20. Tammy

    Again, a 10/10 product for my eyes. The only product for dark circle/puffy eyes/fine lines that REALLY WORKS!!! Noticeable difference after one use!!! I turn 40 next week – hoping my family will see the difference!

  21. Shirley

    Since using the eye gel and Vitamin C+E serum, my mum and I are now addicted to these products. The eye gel keeps our skin around our eyes supple and hydrated; we would definitely recommend this to everyone.

  22. Lili

    I find this product to be helping with the lines around my eyes. I’ve tried other products but they either didn’t help or the consistency was too thick for the skin around my eyes. I’ll keep using it!

  23. JoAnne

    I have just started using the eye gel. It feels wonderful when dry and made my makeup go on easier in the eye area. I swear it helps improve those fine under eye lines with just a few uses. I will definitely add this to my routine. I have loved all products I use from CSS & their customer service is great should you ever need it. They stand behind their products & I can see why…everything is wonderful.

  24. Dena Truhn

    I switched over the Cosmetic Skin Solutions over a year ago and love the products. My favorite is the eye gel. I noticed results within days and was very satisfied. I highly recommend these serum products. I used to have dry ages skin but now its turning around and I couldn’t be happier!

  25. Victoria

    Great product! Adds moisture and improves dark circles. All without making my eye makeup run.

  26. KK

    A lovely hydrating but not heavy eye serum which has helped in reducing the dark circles

  27. Monica

    It is Amazing!

    Wow… Can’t believe that you can see the immediate effect even you have used it ONE time. It is unbelievable, nut it is. The next day I woke up, my everlasting dark circle look lighter and the fine line is softer. It is very hydrating as well, the foundation on my lid won’t fade away now.

  28. Jola

    Einfach super! Sehr zu empfehlen.

  29. Rachelle

    Love this product, this was recommended by my dermatologist. My skin is very sensitive and acne prone, but this gel provides the moisture and hydration without the sticky feel. I use this as daily part of my regimen.

  30. PeggyKK

    I started using the eye gel around one month, in addition to feel moisture, I noticed that the skin of my eyelid are tighten and more elastic. My friend also noticed the difference although he didn’t know I use this product. He told me that compare with the past, my eyes look more brighter and bigger. I am happy to have such amazing effect, I will continue to use the product.

  31. Louis

    Best eye firming gel ever,seriously, I had huge bags under my eyes from years of night duty, now I am using this product, you would never know, give it a go!

  32. Nicole W.

    Better than pretty much any eye cream I’ve ever used. I figured that since using vitamin c on my face was beneficial, that using it around my eyes would be too but I was worried about damaging the delicate and sensitive skin. This stuff is wonderful! No irritation, wonderfully hydrating, the gel is just thick enough so it doesn’t run into my eyes. My allergies have been awful this summer which usually causes the skin around my eyes to be dry and irritated, but not this year! One drop is all I need, this bottle will probably last me quite a long time as long as it doesn’t turn – I keep mine in the fridge and it feels wonderful to put on in the morning. I am using this in combination with several other CSS products and my skin has been steadily improving over the past couple months.

  33. Kristen

    Life changing! Before I started using this I had the worst undereye wrinkles – not crows feet, but undereye creases and wrinkles. This product is amazing and I love that there are so few ingredients :) no parabans here

  34. Maria Victória

    two drops a day are enough to reduce lines around the eyes. Results are visible in a few days of use.
    I’ve been using for the last year and I strongly recomend it.

  35. Susan

    I have been using this for over a year, and I’m hooked. It’s definitely my favorite CCS product. Very, very hydrating. My last bottle lasted about 6 months, although (I kept it in the fridge). I highly recommend trying this. It’s hands down the best eye treatment I’ve used.

  36. Mary

    I highly recommend this product, I have been using it for 2 months now and what a difference I see in the eye area. The top of my eyelids has emerged from the fold! The papery texture and lines are almost gone. I love this product and highly recommend it.

  37. Debbie L

    I really like this eye gel. It is nice to have a product that contains Vitamin C that you can use around your eyes. I have noticed a difference in the texture of the skin under my eye. I would definitely recommend this product.

  38. Elisa

    I have been using this product for almost a year and I will continue to use it and all the other products. Friends and family can see the change. I love it! Thank you for provide and affordable and natural product that works! I will keep sharing it with my friends & family & customers.

  39. Jane C.

    I use this along with 20% Vitamin C and Resurfacing Serum – I like them all and this one in particular really shows results and accomplishes all that it promises. Not sure if it is intended for the two “squint” lines alongside my eyebrows, but it has reduced the appearance of those lines.

  40. Lena

    Awesome Product! This eye serum is great, light, effective and I noticed the results almost immediately. I feel like I look more rested and my eyes look brighter.

  41. Carol

    I use all the Cosmetic Skin Solutions products. I initially bought the sampler kit and since then buy the products in combo packs. You can substitute a product of the value/cost if you use one product more often. I love this vitamin c serum for around my eyes and I put an extra dab on areas where I have applied the other vitamin c product such as my forehead or neck and on areas like forearms where you want vitamin c that isn’t as strong. The hydrating ingredients make this product effective but gentle.

  42. Laura

    This gel is great for the delicate eye area. I goes on easily and absorbs quickly leaving my eye area refreshed and moisturized. I use it twice daily and have found it to be very effective at keeping lines and dryness at bay.

  43. Heather

    I instantly feel a firming around my eyes and a little goes a long way. After only a week I am seeing diminished fine lines.

  44. Alexandra

    I love this eye gel b/c of the mild concentration of Vitamin C! The skin around my eyes are bright and even toned!

  45. Kimberly

    I’ve been using the firming eye gel for about year and am so pleased with the results. It has dramatically lessened the “sunken” look of my eyes as well as the fine lines. Just a tiny bit of the gel goes a long way, so this products lasts for a long time. For the price, this product is a steal. I am very a happy with the results and the CSS customer service team are wonderful.

  46. David

    The best under eye product out there. The combo of ingredients is amazing. A little goes a long way. You just can’t afford not to use it.

  47. Sophie Spector

    This seems like a thicker version of C + E Ferulic. Really does help lighten under eye darkness, even though mine is from veins rather than just pure pigmentation.

  48. Billie-Jean

    I use this in combination with the 20% Vitamin C and B5 serum, its an outstanding product with noticeable difference in just over a week. I have been using these products for a couple of years now and am still as happy as day one.

  49. MelissaT

    All I can say is WOW! This eye cream rocks. It makes the eye area firmer and reduces puffiness as well. So glad that I found this alternative to the higher price brand item.

  50. Diane

    I purchased this to give it try. I thought, why not. I’ve used a number of their products and fell in love with the results. Let me tell you ladies, for those that are skeptical-don’t be..This has worked absolute wonders on my crows feet. I can’t tell you the difference this has made in the lines and puffiness. This is another one of their products that I’m totally blown away with!! You will be amazed!

  51. AK

    I purchased this as part of a combo pack. I really could tell the difference after just one application. I applied it before going to sleep and noticed in the morning that the skin around my eyes was not puffy at all, and was smooth and well hydrated. The ingredients are perfect for what you need around the eye area and like the reviewer said above, a little goes a long way. This product did not irritate the delicate skin around my eyes at all, which was initially a concern of mine. WIll definitely be buying this again!

  52. Mike

    I purchased this with the phloretin serum and phyto serum. This eye gel really firms and helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. You can feel it firming when you apply it. A little goes a long way, about one drop per eye. One bottle should last months. I have only been using it for about five days and I am waiting to see what the long-term effects are. I would recommend this product. I gave it five stars because I have already started to see positive changes and am confident it will have long-term benefits.

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