Vitamin E is indeed highly beneficial to the skin. Vitamin E is in fact, considered both as an antioxidant and a nutrient which has been used for centuries to help nourish the skin.

It is a necessity to include Vitamin E in your diet to maximize its benefits. So what are the foods rich in Vitamin E?

1. Spinach – this vegetable is not just rich in Vitamin E, it is also rich in folate and calcium. You can either make a salad out of this nutritious veggie or you can add it in your breakfast smoothies.

2. Almonds – an ounce of almonds can give your body 7.4 milligrams of Vitamin E. Eating it raw is the best way but you can still get most of its benefits from its milk form.

3. Kale – this vegetable is best when it’s organic. Kale is so healthy, it can give you 6% of your daily requirement of Vitamin E.

4. Avocado – this fruit is one of the best sources of Vitamin E. Not to mention the tastiest!

5. Papaya – not only is papaya rich in Vitamin C, it’s also packed with Vitamin E goodness. You can apply papaya with lemon on your face to give yourself a brighter, lighter complexion!

Aside from eating these Vitamin E rich foods, you can also infuse more Vitamin E in your life (and in your skin) by using Vitamin C+E serum from Cosmetic Skin Solutions. This serum is guaranteed to protect your skin from aging. Not only that, it will also repair and improve your sun-damaged skin.