In order to give your skin proper treatment and care, you need to know your skin type first.

Knowing your skin is the only way you can determine which beauty product is suitable for you.

So which skin type do you have?

1. Normal skin
People with normal skin are the lucky ones. This skin type has a vibrant, supple and elastic feel. It is the least problematic of all skin type. People with this skin type only need minimum skin care regimen to keep their skin clean, smooth and healthy.

2. Dry skin
This skin type tends to develop wrinkles and fine pores. More likely, this skin type is prone to irritation and aging too. To keep dry skin healthy, you will need the help of moisturizers and face masques.

3. Oily skin
This skin type looks greasy and shiny with enlarged pores and acne. This can be managed through careful skin cleaning and minimum consumption of carbohydrates.

4. Combination skin
This type of skin has patches of both oily and dry. Dry skin is usually located on the cheeks while oily areas are on the forehead and nose.

5. Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin tends to feel dry and tight. This skin type becomes irritated and can get inflamed so easily. Sensitive skin can be very itchy and tingly. This skin type is the most fragile of all.