Resurfacing Serum

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A lightly concentrated hydroxy acid supply of glycolic and lactic acids provides SUPEREXFOLIATE™ properties, promoting an efficient desquamation cycle eliminating worn out surface cells at the epidermis.


This exfoliating serum functions to retexture the skin’s outer surface by activating enzymes to replenish smoother, softer skin for a refreshed and regenerated new you.

SUPERCELLRENEWAL™ process is accelerated followed by perpetual cell-to-cell turnover to produce a smooth, retextured, new layer of skin revealed beneath. Your skin will experience a smoother, healthier, brighter, younger looking appearance.

A combination of naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), lactic and glycolic acids helps promote even cell-to-cell differentiation promoting exfoliation by cellular turnover through a process of desquamation and apoptosis.  Enzymes are activated to force a renewed, smooth epidermal surface.

Exfoliating and replenishing to retexture skin’s outer surface
Activation of enzymes promote smoother, softer skin
Naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids promote cell differentiation
Kombucha contain enzymes and amino acids

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This product can be stored at room temperature.


At night after cleansing, apply 5-6 drops to a dry face, neck and décolleté, or as directed by a Dermatologist. For optimal results, apply after a Cosmetic Skin Solutions antioxidant. Follow up with a Cosmetic Skin Solutions moisturizer.


Avoid getting product directly into eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Store in a cool, dry place, absent to light.

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Cosmetic Manufacturing License WA-041-17992

36 reviews for Resurfacing Serum

  1. hwcwinnie (verified owner)

    It is very suitable for my acne skin and I was not feeling too dry after use it. I like to use it at night and I will feel my face become smoothing the next day morning, I also Supreme Retinol Crystal at night alternatively.

  2. Andrea Scheel (verified owner)

    This product is amazing to exfoliate. I only use a couple of time we week at night. Skin feels amazing the next few days. I use a lot of CSS products in my daily routine and all of them have helped immensely improve the appearance of my skin.

  3. Abdulla (verified owner)

    Definitely a very good exfoliating nighttime serum. Skin feels smooth in the morning.

  4. Pharisar Rojwattana (verified owner)

    This product is really great and my skin smoother with less acne.

  5. Fashion Elite

    I love the texture of this and it dries well, not leaving my face sticky or oily. Combining all the Vitamin C products together have really made a different in my skin tone there is a difference in less than a month with wrinkles since I see my face everyday, i will definitely order these product again and use them for a few more months.

  6. Ameliecoffey

    This serum is absolutely amazing! I have oily/combination skin and tend to have hormonal acne. Since I started using this serum once a night (alternating with my retinol cream) my skin has become free of bumps and pimples. The texture of my skin is so smooth and the size of my pores has significantly reduced. I’m onto my third bottle and love this product!!

  7. Kelly Chua

    This is the 2nd bottle and help renew my skin looks smooth and bright.

  8. natalieman

    I got a sample of this serum. It is very light weight and absorb easily into the skin. It is the first AHA serum that won’t casue little bumps on my face. It has no sticky feeling like other AHA serum on the market. I would suggest sensitive skin to give a try. I haven’t see any results on minimizing the pore yet. But I am planning to order a full size to see if it helps with my pore. Since the sample size only last for 1-2 weeks and I think it is worth to give a longer try.

  9. YDB

    I have been using this serum consistently for a little over one month and am seeing great results! I use it every other night, alternating with retinol. This serum spreads very easily and has no harsh smell and layers well under my nighttime moisturiser. It has never irritated my sensitive skin and has drastically improved its texture and colour. I no longer have little bumps and/or whiteheads all over my face (my skin looks smooth and flawless with make up), my dark spots are fading away slowly and my skin is much softer. Another great CSS product!

  10. Kiki Zeng

    Just got my product two days ago! I will start using today, I look forward to its effectiveness!! Hope it will stabilize my skin!!!!

  11. sdp2106

    Amazing product. I use this before I go to bed, it’s a blessing for my skin. I have been using several products over the years but now I can say I finally found everything I need here at Cosmetic Skin Solutions. My skin feels soft and hydrated, the texture of my skin is different, looks more healthy and full of life. I love it!

  12. denise

    Amazing resurfacer, used it for years, couldn’t be without it, clear skin, no blemishes ever

  13. Carla Elkhill

    I immediately saw results from this product when I used it for the first time. My skin was smooth and soft to the touch. I am sold!

  14. Nina

    I really like the results of this product. I am using it every other night, alternating with tretinoin.

  15. Heather

    I am a CSS customer for life. I started out a couple months ago buying one product, and have been adding more of the line until I now finally have all of my PM and AM regimen. My skin looks and feels amazing. I alternate the Resurfacing Serum in my PM regimen with the Retinol formula. After using the Resurfacing Serum- I wake up in the morning with skin that is so fresh and so soft/smooth. I love the look and feel of my skin now. Thanks CSS! Great products, great results, great value!

  16. Ben

    So luxurious to apply and does exactly what it should. Renews my skin! Gives me a beautiful texture and readies my face for the moisturiser. I apply this at night when not using the Retinol A.

  17. Tara

    In love with this product! I noticed an immediate change in my skins appearance from the second I started using it. I’m so happy I discovered CSS! I will never go back to using anything else. Great products, great customer service and a FANTASTIC value!!

  18. Sarah

    This and the eye serum is my favorite night time regimen!

  19. EE

    Great product!! I can see my wrinkle lines being filled in by using this product already!

  20. Kelly

    I have tried numerous, expensive products. I was hesitant to try but am glad I did. The reviews accurate, great product!

  21. Monica

    This resurfacing serum contains glycolic acid that helps exfoliation. Pores are getting smaller and the scar are lighter, maybe I have incorporated this to other of its product.

    It is suggested to use twice a day preferably at night, and you need to pay extra attention to moisturizing and I would recommend to those with sensitive skin, you can use it a few times a week.

  22. Cigdem Stevens

    I am so happy to have been introduced to your products about six months ago.I love them all.They are amazing.I will keep using them.Thank you so much.

  23. Marianne

    I use Resurfacing Serum 3 days per week and retinol 4 days per week. My skin is sensitive and I have no problems with either product. My skin has never looked better and I’m not overpaying for high quality, effective skin care. CSS products are the best!

  24. Mary

    My skin loves this product! I have been using it everyday for 6 weeks and the difference in my skin is amazing! Softer, smoother and the my skin tone glows. I will always use this product. Thank you!

  25. Anthony J.

    This product works wonders. I’ve been using it and my skin looks great. And everyone notices it. It’s the corner stone of every skin care regimen!

  26. Susan C.

    Love how my skin feels from using this product. The texture of my skin has definitely improved and I’m noticing less fine lines and wrinkles.

  27. Love it!

    I love this serum. It makes my skin softer, pores look smaller, dry patches disappear. The price is reasonable


    The first product I bought from CSS was the Vitamin C 20% serum. I was very pleased. Then I noticed the resurfacing serum. My skin looks and feels even better. I had to ask CSS questions about usage and they were very helpful. They even told me to reduce the amount of serum I was using. Now that’s a great seller when you can rely on them to help you use their serum in the best way out of concern for their customers rather than for themselves

  29. Molly

    I have been using CSS products for a little over a month now and just added the Resurfacing Serum, I honestly LOVE this product. I have been using it at night and can already see a difference in my skin tone after only a couple of weeks!

  30. Alexandra

    My skin feels clean and pores are minimized. My skin texture is smooth and healthy!

  31. Lena

    Love this product. My skin feels really soft and smooth once I wake up. I will continue using this exfoliating product.

  32. Robin H

    I found this product after using the much pricier version from SkinCeuticals. The ingredients are identical, and the product consistency seems the same as well. I was happy with the product performance, and I’m even happier if I can use it for half the cost!

  33. Jane C.

    I purchased this product after first using the combination Vitamin C+E Serum and Phyto Botanical Gel – I noticed a bit of improvement with those two products but have really seen visible changes in the texture of my skin with the Resurfacing Serum. My areas of concern were along the jaw line, on both sides of my chin. My skin is otherwise smooth (I’m 59), but that area was beginning to look “ruddy”. After using one bottle (and awaiting arrival of my second), I can honestly say those two areas have really improved. I continue to use this product with the C+E, and occasionally with the Phyto Gel.

  34. unsorowlNow

    this is one of my favorite products. The texture is silky smooth and it just glides so freely on the surface of my skin. Once applied, it feels tremendously hydrating. After use, I have noticed my skin feels more clean and smooth as the active ingredients surely are removing unwanted and uneven skin cells. I use this product in the evening along with the CSS moisturizer and I am pleased with both.

  35. whynot

    Excellent Product! I have been using a range of products from the Cosmetic Skin Solutions line for several years now. I find they are a great value (as compared to other competing lines) and they address a wide range of issues for many skin issues (aging, exfoliation, acne, etc.). I also find that I enjoy serums much more than creams for my skin type as my skin tends to be a bit oilier and these products seem to take much better than thicker creams.

    If I had to whittle down to one product, however, it would be the resurfacing serum. I use it morning and night and it goes on easily and I really notice that my skin is appearing much better as a result. I put on after glycolic toner in the evenings and before my moisturizer in the morning. It’s an excellent product and well worth the price! The eye serum is also fantastic!

  36. Suzanne M

    I really love this wonderful product!!!
    I tried this Resurfacing Serum to see if it would diminish surface lines and wrinkles. I also had a small dry red patch that I wanted to get rid of.
    I was so happy to see improvements right away but the amazing thing was that my skin texture just kept getting better over time. The dry red patch even disappeared.
    About three weeks after adding the serum to my regimen, I realized that my skin tone had also evened out dramatically. I wasn’t even expecting this so I just have to say that I am ecstatically pleased with this product.

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