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Sample 7 Cosmetic Skin Solutions SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ formulas in small sized 3.7 ml vials.  Includes an assortment of serums, or easily request to customize each pack to include 1 type of serum.

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Sample 7 Cosmetic Skin Solutions SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ formulas in small sized 3.7 ml vials.  Includes an assortment of serums, or easily request to customize each pack to include 1 type of serum.

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38 reviews for Sample Pack

  1. Sara (verified owner)

    I recently received a free sample from another company. I loved the product but hated the price. I tried Timeless as an alternative, but it burned my face. Then i found cosmetic skin solutions and decided to give it a whirl. Nothing burns. The texture is great. I love it. The only downfall to purchasing a sample pack is that I like most of the products in it, which makes deciding on just one or two super hard!

    On top of the great products in the pack, CSS also sent me two other sample that I requested. I requested these samples in place of two in the pack that didn’t really interest me, but they ended up sending me the full pack plus the requested samples, which I thought was super nice…and smart because now I want to buy all the products :)

  2. Trina Rockwell (verified owner)

    I loved the idea of trying before committing to the full size bottle. I will be purchasing at least two of the products. This sample pack is an amazing deal and a great way to try before you buy!

  3. Laura Marino (verified owner)

    Having used the SkinCeuticals’s bestseller Vitamin C + E ferulic acid serum as well as their resurfacing serum, I was curious to give Cosmetic Solutions’ version a try without committing to an entire bottle of each. This sample pack came to the rescue. I found that Cosmetic Solutions’s versions of these products, if not identical, were close enough to have the same positive visible effects on my skin.I’m a 58 year old woman with normal to sensitive skin. I have some sun damage and discoloration as well as the usual concerns about lines that show up around my age. These products help with all of my previously mentioned concerns, as well as leaving my skin soft and supple. The additional samples in the pack particularly the eye gel helped to “depuff” the eye area and the botanical gel made my skin feel soft and refreshed. This sample pack is a great way to try out the different serums to figure out which works best for you. This is amazing quality at great value.

  4. Sharonh1257 (verified owner)

    I love this sample pack, what a great idea! I can try several products without spending a fortune. I’ve already found a couple of products I really like and will be purchasing full sizes of.

  5. Elaineclover (verified owner)

    So good for bringing them to any trips!!

  6. AYDA MALAGON (verified owner)

    I’m in love with this!
    1. The price is accesible.
    2. Very convenient, because you can try them all.

  7. Beccaboo (verified owner)

    Perfect way to try CSS. My dark spots are getting lighter and skin looks brighter. Will definitely continue purchasing.

  8. LeeC (verified owner)

    This little sample pack is a great way to try out products..and to see the quality of CSS..In just 2 weeks I have seen changes in my skin. I’m not sure which products are workin for me but it seems they are all working together ;-) So glad to have found CSS !

  9. nitam77 (verified owner)

    I just purchased this sample pack. So far the two products I am really loving are the Vitamin C+E and Hydra B5 Gel!!!
    My 58 year old skin seems to drink them in and plump up areas that need help. To me the Vitamin C+E serum is like Skin Ceuticals C E product but at a more reasonable price.
    The company and customer service is outstanding! I had an issue that happened during shipping and they immediately responded and took care of it!
    Thank you so much Cosmetic Skin Solutions!

  10. Abigail (verified owner)

    I was so excited when I came across this sample pack because I was having a hard time deciding which full size serums to buy. Currently really liking the hydra B5 gel, resurfacing serum, phyto, & the firming eye gel. Will definitely be purchasing the full size of those. I do breakout easily & so far no breakouts, amazing!

  11. Lizzmama (verified owner)

    The drams are the perfect sample sizes to have enough so you can tell if the products are for you! The ingredients are approved by me too so thats a bonus!

  12. (verified owner)

    I liked the idea of the sample pack very much because I have the opportunity to try all serums and decide which suits my skin needs best!! Both the eye serum and the Hydra B5 gel are very good. I haven’t used the rest, yet.

  13. CeciliaM (verified owner)

    I found this website while looking for a Vitamin C product. I decided to try the sample pack, so affordable and convenient. I’m so glad I did! It gives you the opportunity to experiment and create your personalized skincare routine without committing to full sizes. My temperamental oily skin has accepted the serums without problems, and the eye gel is just wonderful, even under makeup. In just one week my skin feels softer and looks more luminous (not greasy). I will buy full sizes of the resurfacing serum and the vitamin C 20, although I want them all!

  14. Nina (verified owner)

    Excellent way to bet introduced to the product line. Because of it I will be purchasing full sized versions of the serums I enjoyed.

  15. mwyborska (verified owner)

    Excellent ingredients. My favorite is Vit C+E. I like the rest too, and I hope to see great results over time. I’m happy to find Skinceuticals like products that are not over the top expensive.
    I definitely will be buying full sizes and trying other products.

  16. Debbra71 (verified owner)

    I received the sampler pack about a week ago. I’ve since been using the Vitamin C&E and the Phyto Gel. My skin tone and texture have already improved! Today I reordered the Phyto Gel because I know it will be a staple in my skin care regimen and I will purchase one of the Vitamin C products soon. I want to finish the C&E and test the 20% Vitamin C before I choose between the two :) The sampler pack is perfect; the sizes are more than enough to determine which product is best for your skin and the mini droppers are so convenient. I am looking forward to how my skin is bound to look in a month or two!!

  17. Rebecca

    It is wonderful to be able to purchase the sample pack to try the products before purchasing full size. The booklet that comes with the sample pack explains each use, how to apply and when to use. My skin feels better already. Will definitely purchase more in the future.

  18. Jennifer

    Delivery to UK and customer service have been excellent. Too early to give a review of products as have only used for a couple of days but so far so good!

  19. Sue

    Wow, great products!! These so good these samples to be able to trial. Telling all my friends!!

  20. Jami

    These are excellent products. I like the sample pack for traveling. I only use serums on my face,so it is lovely to find a company where the majority of their products are in the form of serums. Last, but not least, their customer service is awesome!!!

  21. Erin

    Love this stuff. I have severe adult acne, and these products do NOT make me break out. My favorite is the B5

  22. Elsa P.

    the Sample Box – 7 dropper vials of each serum is excellent if you want to try the serums. Perfect way to find what works for you. this packet is great.

  23. Natalie

    Love the sample packs….excellent for traveling and also gifts for family and friends

  24. Mary

    Wow. After using the sample products for 2 weeks the texture & tone of my skin has visibly improved. The products are concentrated so a few drops go a long way!

    As well as superior products, your customer service is outstanding. The product was in my mailbox in New Zealand sooner than I expected. Many thanks.

  25. Karly

    Love the sample sizes, give me an opportunity to try the different products : )

  26. Dede Wilson

    I ordered this sample pack when I first ordered. I had read about the companies products on Makeup Alley and so many of them had great reviews that I wanted to try a few. I am mature with dry skin and all of these products had something to offer me. They all felt like very elegant preparations and I love the simple, clinical feel to the packaging. I have save these little bottles for travel and refill them. I have a thing for minis! I continue to buy the 20%C and the B5 religiously and my skin is better for it. This sample pack is a Great way to get to know this line. Also, make sure to ask for the helpful printouts which help you understand how to use each product. I highly recommend this.

  27. linda

    bought this after searching for a less expensive vitamin C + E product. I can use the small bottles for traveling. Pleased with the sample box products so I ended up purchasing a full size combo pack with the Vitamin C + E, Hydra B5 gel, Phyto Gel and the Eye Firming Serum. I really like that the prices are affordable compared to other brands out there. overall, I do recommend these products.

  28. Melody

    This is a great product package offer of samples! I bought the “one of each serum” package and was able to test specific serums to see if I am sensitive to any. I was able to figure out what worked and what didn’t work on my skin and then I purchase the larger product available. I’m loving Cosmetic Skin Solutions so far after one and a half week of use! Their products are effective and I am a loyal happy customer now!!!

    SIDE NOTE: CSS was also kind enough to send printed out information regarding each product they included in the sample. It helped me tremendously on how to use each product! The booklet includes ingredients and tips and skin regime suggestions. Also what I deeply appreciated was that they also included two samples (day cream and retinol creme) at their own will without extra cost!

    CSS truly cares about the customer and it shows through their quality products! I am a very convinced, loyal, happy customer.

  29. Susan

    I am so glad I bought this sample set to try out the products. I am so pleased with the results, I have since purchased the full sized products. Everything soaks wonderfully into the skin without any tackiness or residue. I also have never had any products work so fast on me either. I can only imagine that the longer I use it the results will just keep getting better and better. I am very happy with this set and am recommending it to everyone.

  30. Bridget

    In my pursuit to find a good vitamin C serum that was made fresh and not too expensive, I was lucky enough to come across the CSS site. We have nothing like this in Australia so I was very happy to learn they ship to Oz. I decided to give the sample box a try to start. I could tell they were quality products just from the care in their presentation. After using them….wow. My skin is smoother, tighter and has a glow. Think I have found my new skin care range. Great products and great price!

  31. Erin

    I have incredibly temperamental skin that has been so dry and sensitive lately (beginnings of rosacea, unfortunately). I use oils to moisturize and nothing has been helping–my skin always ends up flaky and tight an hour later. I ordered this sample pack after looking at the more expensive options and seeing this company’s products named in the reviews. I got them today and used them immediately and am back to buy the full size. My skin hasn’t felt so hydrated in ages and THAT is reason enough for me! I am a huge believer in Vit. C products and have done DIY in the past, but I just don’t keep up with it and hate making the products so I’m very happy to have found CSS!

  32. Mary

    I found this brand while looking for Skinceuticals products and am so glad I did! What a great idea to offer a set to try or to use for travel!! Customer service was excellent and I plan to add all of the other full-size products in the near future.

  33. Leigh

    I just received my first order from Cosmetic Skin Solutions and must say I am BEYOND impressed. I ordered the Day Moisturizing Creme and the 7 piece sample pack. After following the PM regime last night and the AM today my skin is already showing major signs of improvement. I love how concentrated the products are. Those little drops sure go a long way. Upon my arrival to the office this morning, my co-worker asked, “Did you buy new makeup? Your skin looks amazing!”

    In the past I have had troubles with switching skin care products but these products are both gentle and effective. They also create a wonderful base that primes your skin for makeup application. If these are the results I get after 24 hours of use, I can’t wait to see my skin a week from now.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate these products a 10. My pocket rates it a 10+ because I am going to save a small fortune switching my usual products to this line. My old moisturizer alone costs over $120!

    My only request…. Launch a hair care line.

    High quality, gentle, effective, no fuss, and amazing results. Love, love, love Cosmetic Skin Solutions!

  34. Suzan

    Five stars! I am absolutely ecstatic to have found these products. Reasonably priced and just as good or even better than comparable product line! If you are unsure at all of what you need or want, this sample box is a great place to start. I plan to be a loyal customer!

  35. Terry C., Chicago, IL

    These products are amazing! I’m so happy I stumbled upon this site. I was looking at the other company’s products and saying to myself how I did not want to pay such high prices. Then I found your company.

    I decide to order the samples to try the products. I figured if I tried and didn’t like, at least I didn’t break the bank. After a few weeks, I realized your products are the real deal. I’m getting comments on the glow on my face. Make up goes on smoothly and it lasts. I’ve ordered another box of samples to confirm which full size bottles I’ll purchase next time.

    Thank you for creating such outstanding products. You have made me a believer!

  36. Adrienne

    I couldn’t make up my mind which one to get because I was breaking out a lot and had dry skin, I was starting to get spots on my face but I saw that the same had something for that. It was a lifesaver! My skin is clear, smooth, moisturized but not oily, and radiant! I love the line of products and will definitely be buying more

  37. Michelle, Miami FL.

    Thank you for making quality products in Travel Sizes. Not only does it give one a chance to try all the products but for someone like me who travel constantly what better way to be able to use this kit without leaving anything behind because of all the travel restrictions! I have tried each of the sample sizes and the quality of the products are impressive with no harmful chemicals and no parabens!!!

    All the gels have an incredible rich consistency that you can tell the product is not diluted and carries a great deal of hyaluronic acid (to me there is no better hydrating ingredient for the skin) . Also all the serums are so concentrated that you can tell right away how effective they really are. My skin is glowing and it looks healthy once again! Once again thank you for making such quality products, it definitely shows on the skin!

  38. alex

    I have combination and sensitive skin so it’s been very difficult to find products that address all my needs including discoloration from sun damage as well as fine lines. So many products have caused a rash and/or acne breakouts, so I’m careful in trying new products that address my skin issues.

    So far so good. This sample pack is a perfect way to find which serum and gel works with your skin needs. I love the CE ferulic & 20% vit C serums, eye firming serum and the phyto gel! These products help to heal a rash I got from a product I used just before. My skin is so soft and smooth since using it and look forward more improvements with continued used. The tiny vials go a long way, just a few drops are all you need. Customer service is great too! So happy to have found these products!

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