Supreme Serum 20™

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(109 customer reviews)
Highly concentrated, this patent pending SUPREMESERUM VITAMIN C™ antioxidant formula provides preventative benefits, producing a powerful shield against free radicals and environmental damage.


This exceptional lightweight serum provides a 20% concentration of Vitamin C formulated with SUPERLOWpH™ technology and paired with a patented combination of autoxidation antioxidants Asiatic Acid and Glutathione.

This antioxidant serum contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid) with Asiatic acid to provide photoprotection against the sun’s harmful sun rays.  This vitamin C serum will boost antioxidant performance to protect against environmental pollutants and free-radicals.

Higher amounts of vitamin C benefits the skin by being a key co-factor in the production of collagen.  This antioxidant will improve skin tone, fight visible signs of aging, for a healthier appearance.

A maximum of 20% Vitamin C for maximum results
Improves uneven skin tones, age spots, and pigmentation
Antioxidants prevent photodamage from UV radiation
Increases natural collagen to improve skin tone and texture
Fights visible signs of aging caused by the environment
Softens fine lines and wrinkles for smoother appearance

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1oz, 2oz


This product is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F to optimize the efficacy, effectiveness, and to prolong the freshness of this product.


Twice daily, apply 5-6 drops to the face, neck, and décolleté avoiding the eyes.  For optimal results, follow with a Cosmetic Skin Solutions product for eye, hydrate & lighten, and moisturize category.


Avoid getting product directly into eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Store in a cool, dry place, absent to light.

United States Manufacturing Facility

FDA-Registered with Establishment ID E1007576
Cosmetic Manufacturing License WA-041-17992

109 reviews for Supreme Serum 20™

  1. Krystalliu0209 (verified owner)

    I started to use vitamin C serum for brighter skin. This product has the highest % as far as I know on the market and it does not irritate my skin. And I have very sensitive skin. I’ve been using this for almost 2 years and noticed distinguished improvement in skin brightness and texture. I wouldn’t say it can make any difference in a week or two but I don’t think any other products can do that. That’s just the way it it. But with consistent use, it can definitely improve skin tone and texture. My skin is at least one tone brighter than 2 years ago. I use it in the morning and always put on sunscreen, even at home because vitamin C is super oxidative under UV light.

  2. RAHAF


  3. Sarah O’Malley (verified owner)

    I started using this vitamin C serum several weeks ago, and already I can see a difference in my skin. It feels smoother, looks brighter, and my pores definitely look smaller! It goes on easily and doesn’t irritate or sting at all. I have used the MUCH more expensive brand of this, and I can tell you, this is just as good if not better. I am very happy with this serum and love seeing my skin looking so good! Highly recommend…

  4. Jen (verified owner)

    I just started using this product, but I’m so impressed. My face feels so smooth and more even texture. Seriously, loving it!

  5. Manuela

    I heard about the positives of using a 20 percent vitamin c serum especially if it comes from a reputable company. It has been a week since I have started to use this serum, I have noticed that my skin is more firm and brighter and more even. I will definitely continue using this product.

  6. christina

    this vitamin c serum is one of the best in the market. After use, my skin is clear and my complexion is more radiant. It doesn’t have parabens so that is very important to me. It also contains moisturizing ingredients which I feel helped my skin from not becoming dry. I really like this vitamin C serum because I can see results.

  7. Roberta (verified owner)

    For yeas I was using Supreme Serum Phloretin™ during the daytime, with another product over it, as well as sunscreen. I had used a variety of Vitamin C strengths over the years even before that. A few months ago I decided to try the Supreme Serum 20. I have to say I noticed a real difference very quickly. I apply it after I cleanse my face and sometimes feel a slight tingling in certain places on my face. I consider this a sign that this serum is doing its job. I use another anti-aging product over it, and am pleased with the result of the combination. My skin looks better than it has in a long time. It’s more even-toned and clear. I believe it has also helped get rid of at least one annoying milia. I would definitely recommend it.

  8. Felicia Tulgestke

    I’ve been using the 20% Vitamin C serum from CSS for about 2 years now. I never wore sunscreen growing up and had a lot of discoloration and constant small textured pimples all over my face for years. This is the only thing that has helped. I’ve tried retinoids and topical antibiotics and various over the counters but this has been the best.

  9. Abdulla (verified owner)

    منتج رائع❤️❤️❤️

    Great product❤️❤️❤️

  10. Lucy731

    I’ve been using this product since July as a replacement for the much more expensive Obagi C 20. I waited 3 months to rate it: I wanted to make sure the review was accurate. This is an excellent product and my skin looks great. I’m 57 years old and my skin is better than that of much younger women. I use it in the morning, followed by serum ferulic and topped with the pure vit. E serum. I didn’t buy the bottle with the three ingredients already mixed because I wanted the highest percentage of C. I love everything I bought from this company so far. High quality and great price.

  11. Cathy Nieuwpoort (verified owner)

    This vitamin C Supreme serum 20 is the ultimate Holy Grail. I noticed a positive difference in my skin within the first few applications. The potency of this product is like none other I’ve tried before and I would highly recommend it for anybody looking for a quality vitamin C serum.

    I must also add I have dealt with their customer service representatives a few times in the last 2 years and they were nothing but helpful and accommodating ( which I must admit is quite refreshing nowadays).

    These products and this company is highly recommended!!

  12. Janine Goosen (verified owner)

    Great product — I have been using it for years and it is consistently good. I used to buy through Amazon, but ordering directly is so much better. Great customer service, quality is excellent, shipping quick and samples with orders, which has led me to purchase other products from this great company. (Really like the day cream!)

  13. Sarah Brum Carvalho (verified owner)

    This product is definitely superior. It really feels like it penetrates the skin. Not like those serum that are filled with silicone. Recommend

  14. Lisa Jordan

    I’m 68 years old and have not been kind to my skin over the years. I am blonde and fair and tried for years to tan not realizing what I was doing to my skin, but I really believe by using this product I constantly get compliments on how pretty my skin is even with wrinkles. I have tried some very expensive products – with well-known names , and none have compared to this serum. I have to admit, I don’t just buy 1 at a time, but several so I stay in stock. Yes, I am truly SOLD on this item.

  15. Mano C.

    Just love this product. Really good for my skin. Service excellent, reliable and fast. Thanks!

  16. Amna (verified owner)

    I only used it for two days now and I can say it gives my skin a beautiful glow. It makes my skin instantly soft and moistened. My skin feels like a super soft cushion when I touch it instead of Sahara desert like it used to be. I think it’s due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid in this serum. It’s simple and safe no fragrance or essential oils but it’s truly effective. Obviously I can’t comment on whether it can lighten dark spots or not but my hopes are high.

  17. Maria Lam (verified owner)

    Great product at a good price! Quick delivery and included a deluxe sample. Have been using the Supreme C 20 for under a week and can already see improvements with sun spot and skin discoloration issues. Plan to purchase again. Thank you.

  18. carla sayles

    I purchased this product a couple of months ago for problems with hyperpigmentation and an overall dull complexion. I was able to see brighter skin after only a few applications. After almost 2 months of use, I am able to see a significant improvement in my skin. I’m sure with continued use, things I will achieve the results I am hoping for.

  19. traceybiars

    I’ve just purchased my second bottle of Vitamin C from this brand and I love it. This product really plumps up my skin, evens out my skin tone and I can definitely see some fading in the sun spots on my face. There are many other brands of Vitamin C out there and I am always looking for my “miracle” product, but I always find myself coming back to Cosmetic Skin Solutions because this is really one of the best out there!

  20. bbarunka

    Vitamin C 20% is my first product from Cosmetic Skin Solutions and I really enjoy it. I got a sample of the eye serum and I am about to order that one as well. Nice texture, goes a long way and the shipping to Canada was without hick-ups. Would definitely recommend.

  21. Sara Bischoff

    I’ve been using this product for 3-4 months and have already seen a dramatic change—my skin is much brighter and clearer. For the first time in my life (I’m 34), people are complimenting me on my skin and asking what my skincare routine is… I’ve already recommended it to several friends!

  22. Michelle Chong

    I bought this Vitamin C 20% super serum for my sister. She is very happy now as after 2 months using it, her face looks brighter and radiant. Thanks to this Super C serum.

  23. Ratchanee Lobmanee

    I love it.

  24. Sibylle

    Super Vitamin C Serum!! Lieferung war super schnell obwohl aus der USA. Würde und werde es ich immer wieder bestellen!

  25. Bbarb

    I love this Vitamin C. I use 4 drops, it is easy to dispense and goes a long way. Makes my skin feel great, I will buy again.

  26. Karlee Becker

    This is my first product purchased from here, and I love it! I was introduced to this from a spa I went to. I notice a more radiant glow and more hydration. I have only been using this for about two weeks so I haven’t noticed anything with skin tone yet. I want to try other serums from cosmetic skin solutions as well!!

  27. mishonda k

    I absolutely love this product. I have been using it twice a day for nine months now, and I must say I notice a huge difference in my skin tone. My skin Tone is firmer and my complexion is fresher!! Also a huge compliment with my fillers. GREAT PRODUCT!

  28. JoanCal

    I recently ordered this product. Love the way it feels on my skin. Absorbs quickly….has a little tingle. My skin looks nice. Hoping it will gradually fade sunspots.

  29. lindacdsf

    I previously used Obagi 20% serum. Then I thought I would try this brand and I am very pleased. The product is nice and fresh, and absorbs almost instantly. I noticed some dark spots on my cheek had begun to fade after only a couple weeks of use. This last time I order the 2 oz bottle. My only suggestion is that the dropper be changed for one with a curved end, since in the 2 oz bottle the serum will drip out quicker than I can apply the drops to my face. Strangely, this did not happen with the 1 oz bottle. Very good product at a very good price.

  30. Renee Riquet Carr

    Won’t be without this serum. The price is so reasonable as compared to other c serums on the market and this one is just the same as the super expensive one. It has helped dramatically with sun spots ( I live in Tucson Arizona) and this serum has done wonders for my skin. This just another Cosmetics solution product I wont be without

  31. Kathleen

    This is the first product I’ve ordered from Cosmetic Skin Solutions and I’m very pleased! The quality is excellent and I’ve been very impressed with the customer service as well as the back story of the company. I just ordered the B5 Gel and am eager to try it. I’ve been using similar products from a higher priced competitor and am delighted to have discovered this brand that seems on par in every way.

  32. Kathleen Ellingson

    This is the first product I ordered from Cosmetic Skin Solutions and I’m very pleased. The quality and color of the serum is excellent. I’ve used a competitor’s similar product for years, but I decided to try CSS’s product primarily due to cost. I’m very impressed with the customer service and outstanding response time. As a result of the serum exceeding expectations, I just ordered the B5Gel as well. I’ll post a review after receiving and using it! Thanks Cosmetic Skin Solutions!!

  33. denise

    Best Vit C serum in the market, used it for years

  34. Samia

    This product is so amazing! I’m so glad I ordered it and honestly the price is amazing. I ordered this for some redness and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and after a couple days I saw such great improvement. I’m excited to see how much better it’s going to get!

  35. Jennifer

    I just started using Vitamin C 20% a week ago, and I cannot believe the improvement in my skin already! It feels soft and hydrated, which is quite remarkable considering it is winter in Minnesota. :) I will definitely continue using this product, and plan to pair it with Hydra B5 Gel as recommended. Thank you CSS for offering a great product at a very reasonable price! I will spread the word to all my girlfriends…

  36. Chris

    This product is excellent compare with others brand and the solution is very good texture and easily absorbed after apply and I order four bottle as a periodic treatment and is effective. Bottles I store I put in the refrigerator as it prolongs the shelf-life of product.

  37. Abhinash

    It is am amazing product.
    Love my skin texture after using for 1week

  38. Nina

    Excellent product. Provides smooth skin. Leaves a bit of a glow. Using it on my face, décolleté, and back of hands.

  39. denise

    Used most products, all good, Vit C 20% makes most significant difference to my skin, it’s amazing stuff, wouldn’t be without it, as a bonus also clears up pimples.

  40. SC

    Where do I begin? I LOVE the Vit.C 20% with ferulic acid. I am just turning 65. People are always surprised when they learn my age because my skin looks young and I credit this product 100% for keeping my skin looking fab. My complexion is smooth and bright. I have used this (used to use the Vit.C&E) for several years and cannot imagine not having it. Do yourself and your skin a favor and get this w/o hesitation!

  41. Sangeeta

    I dropped my previous Mario Badescu Vitamin C bottle so was shopping for an alternative. I was about to re-order when I learnt about this website from some place.. don’t quite remember, But I am so glad I did!! I tried their Vitamin C and also the retinol. BOTH EXCELLENT!.. Surpassed my expectations completely. Since then I have ordered the B5 and also the phyto-gel (green bottle). The product is just wonderful, I had some drying on my cheeks and could not get rid of it for a week now, But after using this for a 2 days my skin feels glowy, supple and smooth. Some of my old acne marks have all disappeared.I have been a loyal lancome customer for long .. but Cosmetic Skin solution will have my business for long haul now.

    The packaging was excellent. They also send me a Velvet B12 sample. Please keep up the great product line.. I love that the website is simple, products easy to find and well categorized. And of course the price is excellent. One more reason why newer customers should not think twice to try these out. I highly recommend there Retinol, Vitamin 20%. The Retinol even though has 1% strength.. is amazingly kind to your skin. Its so gentle I don’t feel any stinging whatsoever. Thank you Thank you thank you!!

  42. Vineeta Volschenk

    I have been using Vitamin C 20% Serum for few years give or take and it never fails me. Excellent product to use and would definitely recommend to other buyers.

  43. BK

    Great product for a great price really works to brighter healthier skin! Best serum on the market. It works and it’s moisturizing. If you have brown spots you will see them slowly disappear within a few months. Highly recommend you make this part of your daily regimen.

  44. Simone G

    I have used Skinceuticals products but could not afford them anymore. I have ordered products from this site and they are exactly the same but a better price. I live in Australia the products arrive in perfect condition and work amazingly well. LOVE THEM!

  45. Anna Koziol

    Love this Vitamin C serum. I use it on my hands.

  46. Sue

    I’m so excited finding these products and the pricing is wonderful! Brilliant products ! referring all my friends.

  47. Lisa

    I ordered this product for the 3rd time, I alternate the CE ferulic and this one and they are both amazing ! I have been using for several years and these products continue to deliver results.. This company is amazing to work with and the products are always fresh and customer support is great! Try it!

  48. Lcrane

    Love the product … Just the same as the more expensive brand.. Great value

  49. Suzie T

    I’m so happy to have discovered this brand, I have oily skin and wanted to use a Vitamin C that does not contain vitamin E. This product is lovely, it is comparable to Skinceuticals at half the price. I submitted my order on Sunday and received it by Thursday. I’m excited to try other products offered and will purchase again. I’ve already recommended CSS to my friends.

  50. Kathy

    I love this product – I use to purchase a really high-priced Vitamin C product and this formula is just as good if not better. Great Value – Great Product!

  51. Alex

    Excellent product . I buy it in the UK and have it shipped and its still good value. I have had so many comments about how bright my skin is!

  52. Diane Tippett

    My girlfriend, Jaci,recommended this Vitamin C serum to me 2 years ago. I use it faithfully, twice a day. I have sun damaged skin and am in my 70’s. It makes a difference in my skin. I consider this product the gold standard for C serum and at a very fair price.

  53. THafer

    great price for a high quality product. i really like the texture & how it feels on my skin. i find some of these type products don’t feel “good” I bought the mixed sample pack (which gives you ALOT of product) to test before buying. this option is very much appreciated. i hate when a sample is like 1x use that you can’t form an honest opinion on!

  54. Jeremy Robinson

    Vitamin C 20% Advanced Formula + is amazing. This is the only vitamin C serum I use these days. I love that it is a 20% strength, as it works perfect for my skin. I can actually feel the actives working from the initial subtle sting, and have grown to love this sensation. This is by far the most potent vitamin C serum I have used to date. While potency is evident and important to me, I equally love the fact that it isn’t irritating. This product really hits the sweet spot.

  55. D

    I don’t usually post reviews, but this is excellent & well priced. I was sceptical when it arrived, it was not clear & did not sting on application & I tried to return it. I have used it for a month and it is good. I’ve used lots of 20% vit C serums before, but 4 times the price, they were clear, stung on application and had great results. As an affordable option this one is very good, 4 weeks to see obvious results, clearer & healthier looking skin.

  56. Ben

    Don’t let the price fool you! I have used many expensive Vitamin C products, tried and tested many. CSS Vitamin C 20% is one of the best! I can feel the protection from first application and it visibly improves my skins texture and tone. I use every morning.

  57. Gr8ful

    I, too, had been using Skinceuticals for many years. I am very pleased with this company, the products, the quality, and the price. I am really looking forward to the peptide line, and the mineral sunscreen.

    I love the valued customer reward system.


  58. Alex

    I have been using this product for 3 years now and its amazing.Everyone comments on it and asks what I use. Its similar to a product by Skinceuticils that is more than double the price for the same product . I live in the UK and have it shipped and its very efficient and not expensive .

  59. R Eberle

    I bought OZ Naturals Vitamin C20% Amino Blend Hyaluronic Blend because it was cheaper, but was happy with the results of CSS better, and did not firm up the skin like this product does, so I am back for good with Cosmetic Skin Solutions! This works as well as SkinCeuticals at much less money. I would never go back to SC or oz.

  60. Justine

    I have been using the Vit C serum along with the Hydra B5 for a least 2 years now. My skin looks and feels amazing and I’m always receiving comments on how from other people. This is a excellent product and it will be part of my beauty regime forever. I give it a 5 star rating!

  61. Gloria Dickinson

    This is a great product that I buy because my son had red mark on his face from acne now his face look clear and natural. I have been very happy with everything I’ve purchased.

  62. Donna M.

    I think Vitamin C 20% serum is very effective in maintaining an even skin tone and overall healthy glow. CSS products compare more than favorably to very expensive versions. I have been very happy with everything I’ve purchased.

  63. Rosanna

    I have been using the cosmetic skin solutions brand for well over 4 years now and absolutely love the product. The Vitamin C 20% is a great high potency formula that when used in combination with the eye gel and daily moisturizing crime produces results gradually over time. I’m almost 50 years old and have been told I look like someone in their early 40’s.

  64. Olga

    I started using Vitamin C & C+E serums for almost a year now hoping to diminish my brown spots and I am soooo pleased that my spots have faded and my skin is firmer and more radiant that it has been in many years. I am almost 50 and I have very sensitive skin all my life; these serums have helped me to avoid harsh exfoliators and multiple other products. I only use my serums, moisturizer and sun screen and barely any make up these days. I guess I will now try in addition to my serums the cleanser and moisturizers from this line. By the way, shipping to Canada is always very quick and professional.

  65. Mary

    Throughout the Mediterranean spring and summer I used ONLY Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C 20% (morning & night) and sunscreen. No moisturizer, no retinoids, not anything and I am 47. My face skin loved it, it was clear, radiant, moisturized and wrinkle free as if I was using retinoids (which I used in winter but had to stop in summer, being all day at the beach).The product quality in combination with the price is excellent. Now, in fall – winter I am switching to the 15% product because I am on tretinoin again and 20% Vit C in combination with retinoids is too much for me. CSS please don’t ever ever stop making international deliveries!

  66. Jane

    I’ve been teaming Vitamin C 20% with the Hydra B5Gel and I think I’ve found a winning combination. I just ordered the two of them for the second time, but have used them previously in combination with other products but I’ve been really pleased with the results. Fall and winter are upon us in the northeast so I’ll see how my skin fairs in the coming months but so far, so great!

  67. garine

    This product is amazing. I have been using it for the last five months and I can really notice a difference. I get a lot of compliments and I’m often asked what my secret is!! The secret is Cosmetic Skin Solutions!!

  68. dnly

    I have been using this product for several months – it’s wonderful. Makes skin tone more even and radiant

  69. MaggieB

    So far I have only tried the vitamin c in the range and find it an amazing product. I have tried other vitamin c serums but this is one of the best. I am looking forward to trying more in the range.

  70. Mel

    Great product. My skin is very oily and this Vitamin C works with simple, high potency ingredients and doesn’t add greasiness to the face. It’s a keeper in my morning routine!

  71. Carol Tsoi

    I have been using this product about 9 mths. Compared to other brand name of product, this product is really to make my skin smoother than before. I have to keep on using this product and introduced my sister to use it. She has also using this product and B5 for two weeks, the fact is that her face has more whither and smoother than before.

  72. Oksana

    Great product! Fast delivery to Poland, well packaged goods, properly executed documents!

  73. Ida

    Beautiful fresh skin emerged! Love this product and the price!

  74. Anne

    I started using this product 6 months ago, I am totally amazed how my skin looks and feels. The price is right and shipping fast.

  75. donna peebles

    I live in queensland Australia and these products are the best I have ever tried I love them my skin has never look better will continue to use them and have got my work mates and my sisters on to them

  76. Jessika

    The Vitamin C 20% Serum is a great product to add to your daily routine. I’ve been using this serum — along with others — for a little over two years now. Since I’ve been using the Vitamin C 20%, my skin looks and feels tighter and smoother. The Vitamin C 20% also gives my skin a great natural glow. I can’t imagine starting or ending my day without the products from Cosmetic Skin Solutions. It took a while for my skin to transform into what it is today, but patience and repetition with the products gave me great looking skin that I now feel confident with.

  77. Vicky

    This is the first Vic C serum I have used and I have to say wow! immediately my skin felt softer, brighter and tighter. I have quite an oily forehead that means my make up tends to come off part way through the day, however since using this serum it doesnt do that….it gives you a really nice glow and good base for your foundation to apply to (I use mineral foundation) and makes it stay. Within the first week of using it one of my colleagues commented on how fresh my skin looked…have just ordered my second bottle. This as the product is fantastic.

  78. Laura

    easy to use and dries quickly on the face, glowing skin after use it, I’m looking forward to see the results in a month, hope it helps with some brown spots. Also, great costumer service!

  79. Kathy

    This product is great. The other products are marked over 100% The price is reasonable and the product is top notch.

  80. JoAnne

    This vitamin C is the best and at a great price.I have used it for 2 yrs and my skin looks better than ever. People do not believe my age.If you only use one serum-this is the one!

  81. Lynn

    This is an excellent product that was recommended to me by a dermatologist. It gives immediate results, and the results continue and get even better after continued use. Use in the morning right after you’ve showered. Lightly spritz some water on your face, décolleté and/or hands before applying; then let it absorb into your skin. The C-20 dries quickly, and you’re set for the day. You can then apply sunscreen, makeup, etc. if you choose to. Your skin will be smoother, healthier and younger-looking. I’ve used it for years and love it! Great product from Cosmetic Skin Solutions at a great price!!!

  82. Joy

    I was using Matrixyl and Argireline for years but it wasn’t working any more. I knew about Vitamin C benefits and started researching products available.Cosmetic Skin Solutions seemed to have the best in terms of ingredients, freshness of ingredients, customer reviews, and price. I am very pleased with the results to my skin and the support provided by CSS.

  83. KMH

    I have been using this product for several years now and have noticed a significant difference in my skin tone and elasticity. I had been using Skinceuticals prior to this and need to find a more affordable alternative. Not only is this product as effective, but it is also much cheaper. I road tested other 20% vit C products out there and this is by far the most effective product at an amazing cost. Thank you Cosmetic Skin Solutions!!!

  84. PJ

    I have been using this serum for about a month and have noticed a real difference in the health of my skin. It is much more evenly toned. I have very sensitive skin and this worked great for me.

  85. Sarah

    I have tried several vitamin c serums before and my favourite one did indeed work pretty well but after a week it was completely oxidized. I found this webpage by chance and I regret nothing. This vitamin c serum is the best I have ever had. My skin looks so radiant and is so smooth. You need to try this serum! It’s a wonderful product to an absolute bargain price.

  86. Steve Teo

    A friend recommended me to use this after I suffered from Shingles and left a bad scar on my face. The result is perfect. The color of the scar fades well after I’ve used half a bottle. I’ll continue to use it for its effectiveness.

  87. Ben L

    Brilliant product for such a great price! I’ve used Vit C products from other companies for many years with prices ranging up to $250AUS. Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vit C 20% equally matches! You feel it working straight away. My skin feels smoother, more protected and carries a great complexion. Another must for your skin regime.

  88. Carol

    My dermatologist recommended this anti-oxidant to use in conjunction with retinol as a treatment for all skin aging issues. My hairdresser was thrilled to find a more affordable alternative to Skinceuticals. This product is identical and cruelty free. Excellent products and customer service.

  89. nancy

    I always use this CSS product. It has made such a difference in the appearance of my skin. This serum keeps my skin tone looking its very best!

  90. frederique denis

    i was looking for a vit.C &E serum of good qualitie and not so expensive! i found it! thanks CSS!

  91. victoria, S’pore

    inexpensive and great product and I am now into my 6th bottle ever since my 1st purchase in Sept 2012. it is not a whitening product, but it gives me a fair glow when all other whitening serums and creams does not deliver. In my country, everyone is trying to achieve fair skin because of our hot and sunny climate which dulls our skin with hyperpigmentation issues. This is a saviour to me. I also realized this product enhances my laser session.

  92. Sandy Berling

    I ordered the 3 combo pack and mixed up the products with no problem. Just wrote the changes in the shipping notes box. I have been using these products for over 2 years now and they are just as good as skinceutical products. I have used all the serums and now trying the day cream and so far I love it. My skin looks luminous when I use the 20* vitamin C. I highly recommend these products!

  93. Lisa

    I have been using the CE ferulic with great results but decided to give the 20% Vit C a try and WOW I absolutely love what it is doing for my skin! It just seemed to take it to another level. I use the 20% serum and follow that with the B5 gel and my skin hasn’t been this smooth and clear for many years, so if you love the CE Ferulic, try the 20% too. I think all these products are the best you can get and I have tried them all!

  94. Sherry

    I love this line. I am 56, live in CO and am sensitive to ingredients in many skin care products. These products are great! I love that they offer the sample pack. You can try all of the products (except retinol) and find the ones that work for you, I love the 20% vitamin C and the retinol. I really appreciate that you don’t have to take out a loan to use these products! Everyone should have the chance for nice skin.

  95. David

    I have to say that this is one product that everyone should have in their daily regiment. The quality has always been consistent and delivery is amazing fast. After 4 plus years of using this I would be lost without this at such a value for what you will experience.

  96. joy

    I was previously using Skinceuticals like many other people and was looking for a more affordable option. I did my research and realized that the products on this website are pretty much the same compared to Skinceuticals. So I decided to take the plunge and ordered this serum. One thing that was obvious the first thing I used it was that it didnt look oxidized like Skinceuticals does. The serum was clear which is the way it should be if its supposed to be effective whereas whenever I would order a new serum from the other company it ALWAYS had a slight tint of yellow to it. It terms of effectiveness I would say its actually better than Skinceuticals. I feel like it makes my skin look and feel smoother, the other one did that but not as much as this serum. And the best part is that its less than half the cost!! I will defs continue buying from here :)

  97. KL

    A friend gave it to me as a gift b/c she loves it and now I love it too! It has really evened out my skin tone and texture gradually and I have been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin. Contrary to what I thought, it does not sting on my face and goes on and dries quickly. I am getting more for myself and giving it as a gift!

  98. BGS

    Just started using – and have found that my skin looks better and feels very soft. I use it in morning after I shower and then at night before going to bed. Friends have mentioned how good my skin looks since I have been using the Vitamin C Serum.

  99. Bea Ramirez

    I just purchased my 3rd bottle of the 20% vitamin C+ serum & B5 Hydrating gel. This time I ordered the resurfacing serum with it. I’ve definitely seen a difference in my skin. I am now sold on CSS products and will be replacing my other products with the CSS line. I told my sister about the products and she is now using them as well. Looking forward in starting with the resurfacing serum so I can tell my sister!

  100. rachel

    I am incredibly happy with this product. I’ve only had it a couple weeks but every morning my skin drinks this in and feels wonderful. So affordable, thank you Cosmetic Skin Solutions. I look forward to trying other products too.

  101. Sophie Spector

    Accidentally bought this instead of the version with vitamin E. Still very effective. Makes your skin glow.

  102. Billie-Jean

    This is an outstanding product, I noticed changes in my skin texture within a week and it just continued from there. I would recommend the range with confidence.

  103. Kitty

    I just purchased my 2nd bottle of the 20% vitamin C+ serum. I have used more expensive brands in the past and this one is actually better. It has 20% Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid. I’ve already seen a difference in my skin. I am now sold on CSS products and will be replacing my other products with the CSS line.

  104. Uma

    This is an amazng product at a great price. Very stable and I can see the difference immediately. My sis noticed the shine it gives and started using it too! Must try and buy.

  105. Shyla

    I noticed a difference in skin after using this product. My skin is more radiant and even toned. The bottle lasts a few months and is at an amazing price. It’s nice to know that there are products that are better than some of the leading products out there and affordable, too.

  106. Matthew, C.

    I’m giving a guys point of view and think this is great on age and brown spots, yes guys get them too. I started using every night and even though there was a little tingling, I didn’t have any negative effects like dry skin or peeling. I noticed a difference in my appearance right away. The spots have noticeably diminished and my skin color has evened out. I also have oily skin and this product didn’t make me break out. Of all the skin-care, antioxidant products I’ve tried, including some VERY expensive ones, this is the one that worked best and the quickest.

  107. eterry

    I’m happy to have found this product. Vitamin C is one of the few ingredients clinically proven effective, and it stabilizes with ferulic acid. So, I really just want those two ingredients (a little hyaluronic acid is OK). I really appreciate that CSC doesn’t throw a bunch of other ingredients into this that I don’t want, have to pay for, and have no effect (or even an irritating effect). And thank you for offering a product without Vitamin E (my skin doesn’t like it)! I also like that the serum is clear – which lets me know if it’s oxidizing. And the price is very reasonable (even vs. DIY). I’m really a big fan – a hearty five stars!! Thank you, thank you for a great, simple, clean, effective product that I can get without paying for marketing hype.

  108. katalind

    This is a great product at a great price. I’ve been looking for a while for a good vitamin C serum that wouldn’t break the bank and I think I’ve found it. I put above great price, and it is if you compare it to other brands that are double the price (or more). I haven’t used it long but i t’s already made a difference in my skin. It leaves a nice glow and my skin feels smoother. It hasn’t even been a week since I started, so it will be interesting to see the results a month from now.

  109. Lori Welsh

    I had been using Skinceuticals for many years and over the past 2 years I’ve had to cut back due to finances. I recently discovered Cosmetic Skin Solutions and decided to try the 20% vitamin C serum as an affordable alternative to the Serum 20 AOX that I had been using from that “other company”. I cannot tell the difference! It is the same in appearance, texture, even smells the same. My skin looks great and so far there is no evidence of oxidation which was always a problem with the other company’s vitamin C serums. I did some internet research before ordering and found many positive comments about this line and it’s products that offer the same benefits as the more well-known brand without their all too well-known outrageous price tag. I am looking forward to adding more products from the CSS product line to my skin care routine.

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