Supreme Serum CE™

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This highly advanced, patent-pending SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ treatment utilizes a SYNERGISTICINTERACTION™ of vitamin C and E combined with Asiatic acid and Glutathione provide unmatched photo protection on the skin’s surface.



This patent-pending Vitamin C combination antioxidant utilizes 15% stabilized Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid), Vitamin E, Asiatic acid Glutathione to protect skin from oxidizing agents caused by free radicals. Combined with SUPERLOWpH™ technology, this Vitamin C Serum is the most effective on the market.

This formulation also uniquely combines antioxidants clinically proven to provide autoxidation preventative properties against environmental pollutants and UV radiation.

Additional properties include increasing natural collagen synthesis, strengthening the skin promoting firmness and elasticity.  Repairs and improves the appearance of photodamaged skin, blotchy skin types, and those experiencing uneven skin tones.

With consistent on-going use, skin imperfections will be lightened for a brighter, more radiant, even-toned, healthier, youthful-looking complexion.

Provides photo-aging protection against free radicals
Repairs and improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin
Lightens age spots and improves skin discoloration
Softens fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother appearance
Fast absorbing antioxidants provide photoprotection all-day
Promotes brighter, more radiant, even complexion

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This product is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F to optimize the efficacy, effectiveness, and to prolong the freshness of this product.


Twice daily, apply 5-6 drops to the face, neck, and décolleté avoiding the eyes.  For optimal results, follow with a Cosmetic Skin Solutions product for eye, hydrate & lighten, and moisturize category.


Avoid getting product directly into eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Store in a cool, dry place, absent to light.

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FDA-Registered with Establishment ID E1007576
Cosmetic Manufacturing License WA-041-17992

259 reviews for Supreme Serum CE™

  1. Andrea Scheel (verified owner)

    If vitamin C is not already in your daily routine, you need this product! It has made such a difference with my skin. My complexion is brighter, tone is improved, pores are reduced and rarely any blemishes. Vitamin C is also a necessity in helping produce collagen = more youthful skin with collagen and elastin!

  2. emma job

    This is my favorite out of all the vitamin c serums. It feels weightless on my skin and is simple to incorporate into my daily skin care regime. The eye drop dispenser is high quality and allows more control when dispensing out the right amount of serum.

  3. Cheryl Lam (verified owner)

    This product is great. I use it on alternative night with Retinol cream and there is obvious effect on my skin after using it for just 2 weeks. My skin look much brighter with less uneven color. I have used it for 3 months and I will definitely recommend to my friends.

  4. Abdulla (verified owner)

    Great product, great materials, and great price

  5. Yiu Sing (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this to all of you. It brightens your skin in a very short period of time!

  6. Candice Fu (verified owner)

    I tried other CSS product before and used them up. This time I tried some others, all are good, I can see my skin better.
    Their customer service is good. I ask for opinion for which products I should chose and ask for the sequence to use those product. They are patience to give me advice.

  7. (verified owner)

    I discovered this product when searching for something as good but less expensive than skin solutions. I’ve been using it for years and now my daughter uses it too. It’s part of my morning regimen. I have combination dry skin and am 62 years old. Cosmetic skin solutions ships fast and is very customer oriented!

  8. Jiann Chan (verified owner)

    我購買了維他命C+E 15% 及B5 精華。兩者的質感很清爽,而且很容易被皮膚吸收!使用後,皮膚較為透亮、痘痘印亦明顯淡了,再配合B5 使用,能更加加皮膚的保濕度!建議早上使用時可配合防曬,效果更加顯著及有效阻擋紫外光!!

    English Translation by Google Translate
    I purchased vitamin C+E 15% and B5 essence. Both textures are refreshing and easily absorbed by the skin! After use, the skin is more translucent, the acne print is also obviously light, and with B5, it can add more skin moisturizing! It is recommended to use sunscreen in the morning, the effect is more significant and effectively block UV light! !

  9. Nana B (verified owner)

    THANKS It’s good ,Make my skin smooth and much brighter. THANKS!

  10. Maria Castaneda (verified owner)

    I’m 60 years old. I purchased the Vitamin C 15% CE 2 months ago. I love this product! I do my chemical peels myself, TCA and Jessner every 1 to 2 months. I use vitamin C with my LED red light mask everyday. It stimulates collagen, leaves my skin soft and glowy. It stings a little but I’m used to it. I know it’s penetrating into my skin due to the low PH level. I used to wear make-up to cover up my horrible skin; however, after doing chemical peels for the past year and incorporated this product to my skin regimen, I no longer have to wear make-up and feel confident doing so. Over all my skin looks healthier, color is bright, lighter, even toned and real soft! My fine lines also have disappeared. I would purchase this product again without a doubt. I’ve tried many Vitamin C Serums, this is my FAVORITE and will continue using it! I’m a committed customer for this product. I highly recommend using this product. Thank you Cosmetic Skin Solutions for a remarkable product and price!

  11. Dana

    I started using this product almost 2 weeks back . I have sensitive skin, but I had no issues after using this product. Will wait and try it for a couple of months to see how much difference does it make to my skin. But so far, I like it.

  12. Kayla H.

    I am in love with this product!! I have been using for a few months and it has changed my skin dramatically!! I had brown spots from sun damage and they are almost invisible. The smaller spots are 100% gone and the larger spots are barely there. I am sure within the next few weeks the larger ones will be gone completely. My skin tone is brighter and smoother and I just cant say enough about this serum. I also use the Hydra B5 Gel for added moisture. I love Cosmetic Skin Solutions!!

  13. Wendy

    Love this serum!

  14. Kimberly Verde

    Im hooked! I’ve been using for a year and half. My skin has change dramatically- smooth, glowing and even toned. I’m hooked! Thank you CSS.

  15. Carmen

    I am 58 yrs old and have been using Vitamin C for a little over one year. This by far is the best skincare grade Vitamin C I have used. My skin has a great natural glow. Just the other day someone commented on how well I looked, but I know she meant my skin. My skin tone is even and the fine lines around my corner of the eye area are less noticeable. This product come well packaged and as a lovely light citrus smell. I use it morning and night with no sensitivities. If you really want to up your skincare to the next level, Use it!! Your skin will love you for it! I love this product and will definitely repurchase it.

  16. Christine84

    I have tried several similar products and there was a noticable difference in the appearance my skin after only a week of using this one. I noticed an improvement in my dark spots, fine lines around my eyes, and my skin has a healthy glow. I was using the product only once daily (in AM). Now I am trying it twice daily. Very happy with results.

  17. Elaineclover (verified owner)

    It’s Amazing ! Making my skin more clean and clear every time I use this amazing product! I love how this product feels on my skin. I will definitely buy again.


    I recently turned 40-yrs old and it was recommended to me to incorporate a Vitamin-C serum into my daily skincare routine. I’ve been using the C/E serum for less than a month and my skin already looks smooth and glowy. So far so good!

  19. Surbhi

    It’s Amazing ! Making my skin more clean and clear .As it was not possible to buy from another company again and again I wanted not an affordable but effective serum .I went with this, truly worth the purchase.

  20. Sara

    I’ve been usign this product for 1 month and I’m really happy, my skin is so much better!!!!! hope and confident that will help me to reduce the dark spot on my face. i’m ordering another one!!

  21. loomisks

    Great product. I spend a lot of time in the sun and use this under my sunscreen lotion. It really helps to keep the skin hydrated and the lines at bay.

  22. larmagost

    My skin LOVES this serum. Complextion has improved, skin is softer and fine lines are fading. Highly recommend!

  23. Sandra Bolu

    This is a wonderful product. I’ve been using it for the last 12 months and my skin has never looked or felt better.. it’s also very decently priced. Please never discontinue it!

  24. Cenia

    I have used Skin Ceutical products in the past but was not happy with the price. Now that I’m over 60, I’ve noticed blotchy skin, brown spots( especially around my eyes), and deeper lines / wrinkles. After using the Vitamin C Serum and Hydrating B Gel, I have seen great results. I use a retinol nightly and the serums along with sunscreen & moisturizer each morning. My aesthetician noted that my skin is not as dry. Many of the brown spots have lightened and some disappeared. The lines around my mouth have even plumped. I love the results and will definitely reorder and recommend these products!

  25. Kiny

    Bought this product as I heard great things about it. Used it for 2 days and seeing good results so far. Will keep you posted on how it goes

  26. Alex

    I have tried several similar products and there was a noticable difference in the appearance my skin after only a week of using this one. I noticed an improvement in my dark spots, fine lines around my eyes, and my skin has a healthy glow. I was using the product only once daily (in AM). Now I am trying it twice daily.
    Very happy with results.

  27. Elaineclover

    This gel works really well to improve spots and overall skin elasticity and quality. I do have to keep using it to improve my overall skin quality. No complaints though! I can see visible differences between days I use it and days I don’t use it

  28. Vasudha Mantripragada

    I have a combination skin and use retinol treatment cream at night. I was planning to invest in C+E serum for my daytime routine for a while now. The SkinCeuticals is too expensive for me. I was looking for more affordable options without the drop in quality, read reviews on this serum and decided to give it a try. I have been using this for 2 weeks now. This serum works so amazingly well. I pat on a few drops after I cleanse my face and before the moisturizer and sunscreen. My skin feels smooth, supple and bright. Overall skintone has improved. No breakouts. The serum does have a hint of lemon in the odour but it is hardly noticeable. I dries well and does not make the skin sticky. My makeup also does not slip away. This is going to be a permanent fixture in my daytime routine. I already recommended this to a couple of my friends. I do wish they gave some samples along with my order so I could share with my friends. They just loved how my skin appeared.

  29. Victoria Valdez

    This stuff is amazing. I re-ordered this for the second time and will be re-ordering it in the future. I use this serum twice a day, wait until it gets fully absorbed then apply Hydra B5 Gel then my moiturizer. I am turning 40yo, I noticed a difference in my skin appearance since I used this product. My face feels soft, looks brighter, and overall a plumper appearance where the fine wrinkles have developed. I highly recommend this serum.

  30. bwilli70

    I Did a lot of research on Vitamin C serums. I have tried some others but this one seems to have the best combination of ingredients which proves to be most effective. Apparently Vitamin C is tricky and can easily be rendered useless. I keep mine in the fridge. I like that it burns just a tiny bit when I apply it because that makes me feel like it’s actually doing something. I like that it is clear and not yellow. Do your research on C serums and you will discover that this is important. Also, the price is excellent. I am very happy I found this. I am nearly 50 years old and in addition to acne scars, I am having issues with lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration. This serum seems to be making a positive difference in my skin. Love it.

  31. natalieman

    Worth the price. I saw dramatic change of my skin texture after i week. My skin feels baby soft and it doesn’t break me out. My acne scars fade out after 3 weeks. Although it oxidized after sometime, but is definitely the best value on the market. For vitamin C serum, no matter which brand, you end up need to toss some because of the nature of vitamin C nature. So why don’t choose a brand that is cheap but works? Cosmetic Skin Solution is your choice!!!!!

  32. Dee

    Love this product!! I have melisma from pregnancy & hormones.. I’ve also tried thousand of dollars worth of treatments and products. This all come to a holt once I started using the serum. It has made my skin glow, clear & healthy. My melisma has faded a lot since I started using this gem. My husband comments on how clear & glowie my skin is. I’ll never stop using this amazing serum. xxx

  33. Snigdha

    Very excellent product!!!!!

  34. Snigdha

    Excellent product!!!!!!

  35. Christine

    Absolutely love this serum! I’ve used many in the past, as I have acne scars all over my face. This product is the only one I have seen results with. The scars are fading and my skin pigment looks amazing!

  36. Mahesh Ramkumar

    The Best Vitamin C on the market in my opinion! The Best!!!

  37. Riki

    Fantastic product and easy to apply. I began using this as protection under my SPF30 moisturizer at the advice of my aesthetician in order to avoid sun damage. Highly recommend it !

  38. Leslie

    I will never stop using this product! Better than the expensive brand. Really increased firmness and elasticity! Please don’t ever change the formula!

  39. Eileen S.

    Love, Love this product. Started using 2 months ago & can see results already. Fine lines are diminishing & my face has a nice glow. A little goes a long way.

  40. rwmccombs

    I’ve never used a vitamin C + E serum before. As a matter of fact, I use very minimal products on my face and my age is catching up and my skin needs to be taken better care of. I was told by my dermatologist that I may want to consider adding a serum to my morning routine and the product they suggested was of course, very expensive. I did a lot of research and discovered that CSS C + E serum was extremely affordable and ranked very high. I decided to give it a try and for the few days I’ve been using it, I can already tell a difference in the texture of my skin, it’s so soft. I would highly recommend this product

  41. susandavis222

    I’ve been using CSS C + E Serum for about three years. Prior to that I used the Skin Ceutical equivalent and I don’t see any difference between the results. With the price difference, I’ll remain a CSS customer for many years to come. My skin looks better than it has in years!

  42. susandavis222

    I started using CSS C + E Serum about three years ago and my skin hasn’t looked this good in years. It’s brighter, more even toned, and softer. I tried the Skin Ceutical equivalent to this product and didn’t notice any difference. I think I’ll stick with the CSS product. Thanks for making a product that I plan to stay with for many years to come!

  43. Eileen Selkis

    I will never use another product. Absolutely LOVE this serum! My skin looks & feels wonderful! thx for a great product

  44. Eileen S.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. The results are almost immediate. My skin looks so refreshed & has a beautiful glow to it.

  45. Michelle Chong

    In the past, I have been using Skin Ceutical Vitamin CE serum for a year. This is my first time using Cosmetics Skin Solutions C & E serum and I have seen better improvements with Cosmetic Skin Solutions brand. I think I will continue using this CE as it is better value, less expensive, and better overall quality compared to the overly priced other brand.

  46. andreashaw

    I absolutely love this serum! It’s my first time using a Vitamin C serum, so it took some time getting used to the itchy sensation, but it’s not too bad. I love how bright my face looks afterwards! I will definitely be buying this product again!

  47. Fiorella87

    After one and a half months using this product, my skin texture and tone have improved. Definitely a new staple in my skin care routine. I will buy it again and again!

  48. Ka Na Wong

    This Vitamin C+E seurm works well for me. My skin feels and looks healthier.

  49. Ka Na Wong

    This Vitamin C+E serum works well for me. My skin feels and looks healthier.


    After a facial I was urged to start using a vitamin C serum and decided on this one. Absolutely love it. Seems sticky at first but really leaves my skin feeling so soft.

  51. Shefali Thakur

    It has been a few weeks since I started using this product and I am very happy with it. In only 2-3 weeks, I can see a visible difference in the overall quality of my skin which looks even and hydrated. I can also see some of the stubborn marks fading away.
    I have very high hopes form this product at the moment and cant wait to see how my skin turns out by the time I finish this bottle.

  52. Erin McManus

    I’ve been using this product for over a year and I love it. I had been looking for a vitamin C serum that was effective but not super pricey like some of them are. This is it. My skin tone is brighter and more even. I use it religiously every morning. I also love the samples they sent when I ordered.

  53. Holly Mathew

    I spent a lot of time thinking about which vitamin c serum to buy, taking into consideration the cost, effectiveness and stability of each prominent vitamin c serum on the market. Eventually I decided on cosmetic skin solutions as it offered the best value product, and I am so glad I did. I suffer from acne, skin discolouration (hyperpigmentation) and sun damage on my forehead. This product doesn’t break me out, doesn’t make my skin dry (as my nightly retinol does) and I noticed the marks on my face are faded/ fade quicker while using this serum, which I have been using for about 3 months now. I combo it with sunscreen during the day, using my retinol at night – don’t use the two at once, it’s a recipe for disaster as my poor skin found out!
    To maintain freshness, I keep it stored in the fridge and tightly sealed, and it’s only now starting to go slightly yellow – very impressed!

  54. TDaneman

    Been using this product for 1 month. Can’t live without it! Using this product daily with the Hydro B gel, makes my skin smooth and soft. So young feeling. My skin has a noticeable healthy glow immediately after applying. This product works just as well as those that cost 3x’s more!

  55. linzgulley

    I really like this product. It was the first C-serum I ever used and now I use in conjunction with another vit C product from a different line. I like the flexibility of having two different kinds in rotation. I haven’t quite figured out the best way to apply the product. It seems it would be easier to apply with a bit of lotion or a vehicle to help it glide on smooth. Either way my skin looks better than it has in years! Thanks CSS!

  56. Catherine Hutt

    My dermatologist told me that I should be using 2 products. 1) daytime medical grade vitamin C serum / 2) nightly medical grade retinol. I purchased Cosmetics Skin Solutions Vitamin C&E Serum and I’m glad I did. Prior to purchasing, I did my due diligence looking at various vitamin C serums but there were few on the market that was medical-grade. I found a lot claiming to be but few substantiated their claims with clinical evidence and believable consumer reviews. I dug into Cosmetics Skin Solutions Vitamin C serum and read the product information and the numerous reviews and decided to purchase a 2 oz bottle. The product arrived and I put it in the fridge pending finishing up a pricey ($300 CDN) Vitamin C serum that I purchased from my dermatologist. I held off (approx 3 months) on writing a review (good or bad) as I wanted to provide an objective review based on actual, prolonged use of the product. I’ve been using Cosmetics Skin Solutions Vitamin C&E serum every day for the last 6 weeks and my skin looks GREAT! I’ve received unsolicited comments from acquaintances on my appearance. The only thing I’ve done differently is using this product religiously every morning. I will DEFINITELY purchase this item again. In fact, once the other pricey dermatologist purchased medical grade retinol solution runs out, I’ll be switching that too to Cosmetics Skin Solutions. Their products are that good. You won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

  57. Maggie Pistner

    I have used this product for years; it is such a great first step for whatever
    moisturizer you then use.

  58. Alison Raymond

    Love this product! Absorbs very well and it works just as well as Skinceuticals for a fraction of the cost!!

  59. Claire

    I used to buy SkinCeuticals but not anymore! This product is so much better suited for my skin, there is no burning sensation from the vitamin C. I have seen a large difference on my dark/brown spots and skin tone evenness in less than 30 days. I am so happy with the product and look forward to trying other products from this brand! Also- the samples and promo items are wonderful.

  60. Suzette

    I was in the market for a new affordable vitamin C serum. I did my research before hand and this one came up as one of the best. I’ve been using it for about only 3 days so far so I can’t give a very detailed review. However, it is a very nice light formula that absorbs into the skin nicely. It does have an odd smell but it doesn’t bother me and I kind of like the fact that it smells a little medicinal because to me that means it’s good quality. I only need to use four drops for my whole face so it seems like the quantity is well worth the price and will last a good period of time. I have not had any irration issues or breakouts. I do have mild acne and use acne medication. However, this serum has not dried me out or aggravated my sensitive skin in anyway. I’m excited to try more serums from this line. I’m going to be needing a night serum to add to my routine and I have my eye on a couple from here as well. I would as of now definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

  61. Sarah

    Yet again , brilliant service , product well package with tamper proof seal, took approx 7 days to arrive in the uk. Got lovely samples that I requested. Could not fault customer service product itself clear advised to keep in fridge, which I have always done myself anyway. . Could not but recommend this product.

  62. Victoria

    I haven’t been using this serum religiously so I can’t attest to it’s efficacy (although my skin is feeling a little more dewy, so hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come!) I’m leaving this review in light of the fantastic customer service I have experienced with the Cosmetic Skin Solutions team; I had an issue with my bottle and they were able to provide a solution to my problem immediately. They were great with correspondence and left me feeling nothing but good vibes about the company.

  63. M. Ellie

    I am far from an expert when it comes to skin care but when I realized it was time to take better care (I am 35 yo), I asked a friend who is (she does her research) and she recommended this product. I’m so glad I took her advice! I use it every morning and it is a refreshing and luxurious-feeling part of my new skin-care regime. After 1 month, I can both see and feel a difference – smoother and clearer skin, here I come. Will definitely continue using.

  64. YDB

    This is an excellent product that provides quick results! I have used other (much more expensive) vitamin C serums but this one is the best. My skin is smoother, brighter and more even (both texture and colour) and gentle enough for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. I use it every morning (including my under eye area) and store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. Shipping to Canada was faster than expected and the bonus Gold Sheet Mask was a lovely surprise!

  65. Prathyusha Dasari

    This is a product that I highly recommend. This will help get rid of small bumps that are created by excess skin and dirt. When paired with African black soap and a vitamin C cleanser, the results are amazing. Also, I’m not sure if this product is supposed to reduce dark spots that are created because of acne/pimples, but I have definitely seen them fade to some extent. My skin has also become smoother.

  66. Prathyusha Dasari

    I highly recommend this product. This is a miracle product where magic will just about happen overnight. I would recommend using it for at least 2-3 weeks. It definitely stops the creation of new pimples/acne. It also evens out your skin. If you have had small bumps that normally form because of excess dead skin or dirt that gets in your pores, this will definitely help with that. Pair this with some African black soap and a vitamin C cleanser and within 2 months you will see amazing results. I’m not quite sure if this is supposed to help with dark spots. But, I do believe some of my dark spots have been getting lighter.

  67. mavisau

    This is my first vitamin C + E product, the result is very amazing. i will continus to use.

  68. Julia

    I have been using this product for a few weeks. My skin now looks even brighter and tightness. Not expensive product. Worth to try !

  69. frecklygirl

    This is a great product for great value. It accomplishes the equivalent of what other brands charge 4x more for (e.g. Skinceuticals). This is probably one of the most effective products in my skin regimen that prevents against sun damage and brighten my skin. With continued use my freckles aren’t as dark and it keeps my skin even. I would recommend this as part of a daily skin regimen to be applied after cleansing the face but before moisturizing.


    Love this serum! I use it every morning after cleansing and toning. I have some sun spots from sun damage in my younger years and I can see them finally fade away. I wish I would have taken a before picture! I just ordered my second bottle :)

  71. Dana

    I’ve been using this product for a few months now and have definitely noticed that my skin is brighter and more even-looking (I noticed this after the first few uses, but gave it some time before writing the review). Even though I’m only 23, I use it on my neck as a preventative aging measure and have noticed that the horizontal lines in my neck are fading away :)

  72. Debra A Rhodes

    I ordered the c+e and waited a few weeks to review. I’m happy I tried this and will continue to purchase. I was using skinceuticals before and even buying at doctors office’s it was never fresh. My skin is brighter, plumper and more refined with only 3 weeks of use. This product is clear, remains clear weeks after opening and I can buy another expensive product with the extra money or try some more cosmetic skin solutions. Shipping was fast and free! What’s not to like? You will not be disappointed so give it a try.
    Best Regards

  73. Sandra

    This product , vitamin c and e is exceptional. Iv done my research and found most all on the market won’t work at all because of to high of a ph level. I noticed a difference after just one use , my skin looks better and brighter.I will only buy from this company because they use only high quality ingredients, iv tried other and they don’t measure up to this product. There is only one other product on the market compared to this , but it’s three times more expensive!! Iv done the research for you who are reading this , THIS is the one to purchase!!

  74. Anastasia

    Good one

  75. Justine Rodgers

    Love Love Love the Vit C+E product. I’ve been using an array of Cosmetic skin solution products and can see the difference in my skin tone & hydration. Pricing is affordable for the quality products. This product is highly recommended (I’ve tried many).


    Very effective. I saw an improvement of my skin within 2 weeks. I recommend.

  77. ashishagl

    Awesome product. Works well. Clear in color which tells me that it’s not oxidized.

  78. K

    I have been using this product among other CSS products for several years now. This Vitamin C & E serum is a must-have product for me. I use it twice daily and cannot imagine not using it. I am in my mid 50s and my skin has never looked better! This serum works on my discoloration, bumpy skin, wrinkles and roseacea. Cosmetic Skin Solutions is a great company to do business with as they carry quality products at an affordable price and deliver excellent customer service. If you have any questions about how to use a product or any other question, you will receive a prompt response that is informative and helpful. Currently I am using the cleanser, Vit C&E serum, Copper Peptide, Phyto Gel, Resurfacing serum, Retinol, and daily moisturizer. I have also used the travel pack and have to say it is incredible! I highly recommend this company and their products. I have never been disappointed with the quality of the products or the customer service Cosmetic Skin Solutions provides.

  79. Barbara

    Really amazing! I used this product from another company and wanted to try this one, but the price was SO good that I took the jump. And I was not disappointed. It’s an exact copy of the ferulic from the other company for half the price. You guys won me over and I’ll stick with you :-)

  80. JoanCal

    I purchased this product a couple of months ago. I have been using daily. I really love the texture and the way it feels on my skin. I’m noticing gradual results and differences in my skin. I will keep using this product for awhile.

  81. CarissaHurst

    I just purchased my second bottle of this serum because it’s that good! I have taken really good care of my skin for about 8 years now (I’m 32) & added this to my nighttime routine last year. I think applying it once a day still works very well! I recently came back from vacation & I didn’t bring this – silly but I was flying & didn’t want to risk the bottle breaking in my luggage. After a few days I noticed an immediate difference in my skin – it was uneven, bumpy & lacked the brightness & glow it had when I left. I won’t make that mistake again!
    Cosmetic Skin Solutions truly prides themselves in their work! My order arrived quickly (I placed my order on a Monday & it arrived on Thursday) & it was neatly wrapped up in tissue. They also included a deluxe sample of another product that I’ve been wanting to try!
    I won’t ever be without this serum & neither should you!

  82. Quilla

    I’ve tried others. This is by far the best and most effective vitamin c serum. I love that it also has the vitamin E which enhances the benefits. I will definitely order again. The serum is clear which makes it easy to spot oxidation. Many companies change the color so consumers can’t see this but not Cosmetic Skin Solutions!! It was packaged very well, wrapped neatly in paper, the bottle was sealed. I see the company takes pride in the product and how it is delivered to consumers. I also received a generous sized sample of another product in a dropper bottle which was a very nice touch. I felt special just opening the package, the product is amazing, and I look forward to trying even more products from this brand. Did I mention the price is amazing?!?

  83. Kelleykim89

    Wonderful product!!!I am on my second bottle…I use this on my face,chest,stomach and arms!I my skin looks and feels so much better.Not to metion the amazing price,it is pretty much they same make up of skin centuals.But like 120 dollars cheaper!!!!!

  84. Trina

    What a powerful serum! I have an appreciation for Vitamin C serum and I’ve tried several brands. After trying many different brands and experiencing varying results, i decided to research to see what the experts recommended as the best formulation. Cosmetic Skin Solutions’ serum ranked second ONLY to a brand that costs more than $100 for 1 ounce. After discovering this, I had to give this serum a try. I saw brighter skin ONE DAY after using, I also experienced a small amount of peeling under my chin – which was a GREAT sign. I have hyperpigmentation under my chin – as I sit here typing, I can tell you that my chin has never looked better. This serum has brightened my skin and evened my skin tone.

    This is an awesome product. I’m thankful to say I’ve found my perfect Vitamin C serum – my search is over. I will repurchase and continue to purchase this serum as it has earned a permanent spot in my skincare routine.

  85. K

    I use the entire Vitamin C collection. I started using Vit C years ago and noticed diminished brown spots and wrinkles. I apply Vit C all year long for firmer skin tone and protection from the sun.

  86. Mary

    Vitamin C + E Serum Advanced Formula + WORKS! I see a considerable difference int he eye area, in just 7 days. I tapered back to using in PM only.. Allow serum to sink in before applying your evening eye lotion. SO happy I made the purchase.

  87. Gina-Maria

    I’m a huge fan of Caroline Hirons blog and trust the advice she gives pertaining to skin care; one of her recommendations for anti-aging is using vitamin c + e products. Last year I ordered this serum from Amazon, then switched to a different brand to save $$, and recently decided to purchase this serum again directly from the company’s website. I am beyond impressed with everything about this serum!!! I immediately noticed my skin to be smoother and glowing from this product. Last year, longer terms results included fading of acne scars, sun damage, and the melasma spot on my forehead. I never experienced any break outs or clogged pores using this serum, which I did experience after I switched to a different vitamin c + e serum. Also, this serum is a thicker consistency compared to other brand I used, which seemed watery. I will continue using this product as part of my daily regimen as it is effective and affordable, not to mention the way the company packaged and shipped the product was delightful! Thank you Cosmetic Skin Solutions for a truly wonderful product and shopping experience!

  88. Julie

    This is a great product! I use it on my chest, neck and around my eyes. Has improved discoloration. A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly.

  89. Carol

    This has made my skin smoother, clearer. This is my 1st purchase. But, so far I love it!

  90. Julie

    After researching vitamin C products, I stumbled across Cosmetic Skin Solutions. The product has similar active ingredients and percentages as a well renowned but considerably more expensive product. I’m really excited to start using this product and to see the results over time.

  91. shannon

    I Absolutely love the product. I give it 5 stars!!!I am judicious about skin care. your product is used every day and people really notice my skin. Thank you so much for the free sample. I am becoming addicted to it too. So you will probably have another order in the near future, Thanks again.
    Jean H.

  92. GWEN

    This is a wonderful antioxidant treatment. It has very similar ingredients to a product that is significantly more expensive and I have seen better results with this product. I highly recommend it!

  93. Anna Fincher

    My 75 year old dad told me about this product. Turns out it has been a total skin saver for me. He’s been using it for about 5 years and his skin is super! I’ve been using it now for about 6 months and it’s been the only product I’ve ever used that does exactly as stated. My skin is clear and bright and my lines are much less visible! Great product and very prompt shipping. Thank you!

  94. Sandy B

    This is my favorite beauty serum! I use the Vit C + E Ferulic serum every morning even though it states that the product lasts for 72 hours after applying. It leaves my skin glowing and smooth. I buy it from Cosmetic Skin Solutions because their customer service has been outstanding. Customer service was great when I called with questions. I believe I’ll be using this product for as long as I can as I really love how it nourishes my skin.

  95. Thomas Bayner

    15%C and E serum is amazing product. My derm recommended I use it following some lunchtime laser treatments. I have used it consistently for twenty years, on at night several times per week alternating with .O.O1 Retin A (generic) ….plus a sunscreen daytime.
    A day doesn’t go by that I don’t receive a compliment on my skin… I am the youngest looking 59 y/o, no deep nasolabial lines, fine pores, pink skin, no age spots or acne…wish I had used it more on my neck and upper chest (which I started five years ago. No time under the knife for this face…wonderful product.

  96. Kimberly

    I love this product, it is magic in a bottle. The texture of my skin is smooth, even and brighter. Every time I put it on, I know I’m doing something great for the health of my skin. Thanks Cosmetic Skin Solutions!

  97. Mano Capano

    i keep on ordering this excellent product over and over again. I have been using it for the last 2 years and will continue in the future. Great products!

  98. jrc

    I buy this product over and over. My skin continues to love it. A friend asked her Dermatologist about it and she said it was a great product. Definitely will recommend it to friends and family!

  99. Lili

    Excellent product. Since using this serum my skin is getting better & better with each use. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their skin. i am very satisfied with the results!

  100. Dede Wilson

    I don’t even know how many times I have ordered this product! At this point I will never be without it! I first began using a Much more $$$ vitamin C product from another company. I had read great reviews about CCS and once I tried their products, there was no looking back! Get the mini set and try other products too. You wont be disappointed and I love reusing the tiny bottles.

  101. Rosalind

    Awesome serum with a great price! I have been using this serum for more than a year now having switched from a more expensive brand. I love how it plumps up my face, lessens the appearance of pigmentation and moisturizes my skin. I have bought for my mum and daughter as well. Can’t live without this serum!

  102. meron

    it does not take long to see the effect, with just after a few days of using it, you literally will see and feel the difference. My skin became brighter, more radiant, even toned! I love it!

  103. Wendy F

    I really like this C+E, even better than the original version by Skinceutical. They supposed to be the same, but somehow my skin seems to like the CCS version even better! And at this price point! What’s not to love?

  104. Lila

    I just love the products and prices of Cosmetic Skin Solutions. I used to spend twice as much money for the same Vitamin C+E Serum and always felt like I had to scrimp on useage because it was so expensive. Now I slather it on, and follow it with the Hydrating B5 serum and my skin has never looked better! Thank you for the awesomeness!!!

  105. Agata

    Excellent product! I have been using this product for 6 months and my skin looks smoother and brighter.

  106. Anna Koziol

    I love this Vitamin C plus E. I use it on my face & neck daily, under my sunscreen. I’ve had numerous compliments on my skin and people are surprised when I tell them I am 69 yr young!

  107. Michael M.

    Swithed from Skinceuticals two years ago and see no difference in results between the products. Great value for the money.

  108. Lydia

    I can’t live without this product! Love how it makes my skin feel. It feels refreshed, rejuvenated, and protected!

  109. Lydia

    Can’t live without this. The pro size last a long time. So worth getting.

  110. elsa

    The best vitamin c I have tried

  111. jrc

    Excellent product and excellent customer service by this company! I have used this product for years and receive compliments on my skin frequently. I have sensitive skin and am able to use this daily. Thanks for making a great product!

  112. Chom ( London )

    I am a return customer . my skins feel and look younger. I use Vitamin C+E Serum with Hydra B5 Gel .Its affordable price and great result as expensive brand.

  113. Holly T

    I can’t say enough about how much I love this serum and this company. Close to ten yrs. ago my derm dr. sold this serm from Skin Ceuticals for about $110 it was great, but CSS is the same at a great price. I am so grateful I found CSS. Thank you so much I send many friends to CSS.

  114. Ana

    Love CSS products!! I’m very active outdoors so I always use C&E Ferulic Serum before my sunblock. My skin is well protected from the sun that it always has a glow and looks healthy.
    I wouldn’t change my simple but effective routine.

  115. Tammy Ayers

    Can’t live without it! The elasticity and texture of my skin has improved and its quick absorption with no residue gives me the satisfaction that the serums I am putting on my face disappear without it having any residue. I have 7 products that I use from CSS and will always ensure I stock up and up! I shock people when I say I’m nearly 40… goodbye cheap products, CSS are here to stay in my house!

  116. Sarah

    This is the 4th order of this product to the UK, I think the quality is great, took 7 days to arrive in the UK well packed, always really impressed. I have some redness on my décolletage and within minutes the redness subsides. Very impressed CSS.

  117. Vineeta Volschenk

    I started using Vitamin C 20% in conjunction with Phyto Botanical Gel roughly 7 months ago. I suffered bad breakouts which in turn left my skin really horrible looking. These two products worked so well together for me. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products in the past which obviously didn’t solve my problem. Cosmetic Skin Solutions provide amazing products with in my price range and they work superbly. Thank You. Vineeta

  118. Jean

    This made such a difference in my skin. I have a condition know as osteoma cutis (little bumps-some look like permanent zits) that I was told would need to be removed with laser or excision. Since there are so many of them, I was afraid to do either of those options. This product has reduced them to the point that they are barely visible. I follow with the phyto botanical gel and use retinol at night. Wow! What an improvement in my skin!! After many years of trying and spending money on so many products, I have finally found something that works!! Thank you CSS!!!!

  119. Lena

    I started using this serum about a week ago and so far I’m pleased with the product. When I use it my skin seems to be firmer and I also like the fact that it provides antioxidents.

  120. Ariel

    I love this serum so much! I saw a dramatic decrease in my hyper-pigmentation after only a couple of uses, as well as a decrease in skin “congestion.” I have rarely seen a skin-care product show results this quickly; I wish I had bought this years ago!!!

  121. Dhisa

    I have been using this product for about 7 months. Now I feel my skin is getting brighter. I love this product because it contains vit C and E in one package. Because of this product I got many compliments from people around me. They told my skin is glowing and shining. I will recommend this product to all friends and family. Thanks CSS!

  122. Claire

    Great stuff! I use it in combination with the Hydra B5 gel and the outcome is amazing!
    Have been using CSS products for years now and find no need to look further…

  123. Maureen W

    I used a similar pricier product that I loved but due to the expense , I was hesitant to buy it again. Within a month , there was a change in my skin. I found this product with the exact same ingredients and once I started using it, my skin was much better in five days!

  124. Carys W

    Does what it says and very good value. I wouldn’t be without this now. I’m so impressed that I’ve bought several other products and can’t wait to try them out. Highly recommended.

  125. Alison J

    Wow! What amazing reviews and I can only agree with what all the others have to say – this stuff works!

  126. Elsa P

    This serum is the best! I’ve tried others and this is the one I am sticking to.

  127. Susan

    This product is awesome! Equally as goo as the more expensive brands and totally worth the investment!

  128. Kimberly

    I love the Vitamin C+E Serum, and the price is unbelievable. I’ve used this product for over 3 years and at 42 years old, I get compliments all the time on skin. Thank you!

  129. Jeff K

    Goes on smooth and so far my skin feels a little softer and tighter

  130. folkard

    i was using the same product from another compagny 5 times the price i change since last september the effect are the same but the price is much much better so this time i order almost everything

  131. Kristina M

    It is the best product what I ever use!!! My skin is combo/sensitive, with this it feels so silk and healthy!Thank you Cosmetic Skin Solutions for such a great product!!!

  132. Mano

    Just love this product. Really good for my skin. Service excellent, reliable and fast. Thanks!

  133. Dianne N

    This is a great product; sinks into your skin very quickly. I do use moisturizer and sunscreen on top with no problems.

  134. rc

    I simply love this product! I switched over from a more expensive vit c serum after reading good reviews and it did not disappoint. In fact, my skin
    is now smoother and more refined than it ever had been! Definitely a great serum!

  135. Marge

    I have rosacea and have been using this product for about a month now and have had no adverse reaction to it. It spreads easily and quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a smooth feeling. I am starting to see a few of the brown spots fade a little. I hope it will also help to diminish a few red marks. I do find this product a little too watery, though. It would be nice if it were thicker. Overall, a very good product at a good price.

  136. Mi

    I have been using this for past 2 years, and I really like it. You can tell this product from Cosmetic Skin Solutions is a great vitamin c product as the serum/texture is white which means it hasn’t oxidized. Make sure to tightly close right after use so it does not oxidize. Great product!

  137. Jeff Geribook

    Delivery to France in a week, this product is effective to my skin : reducing dark spots and fine lines on the first week of use. Act as a wrinkle killer and improving more firming since the first month of use. Really active IN the skin, not just on surface. No irritating, i also use Hydra B5 with it.

  138. tas

    Have been using this serum for 6 months now, and my skin is noticeably improved. I have used retin-a and glycolic acid products for several years, and continue to, but felt my skin had plateaued. This serum is just what I needed to get things moving again. It lightens sun spots, gives a smoother texture, brightens and slightly plumps. I have just ordered my 3rd round, I used to use 5 drops per application, but now need double to achieve the same dispensation. However, the custom dropper seems to give you better control over amt dispensed. A bottle of this serum usually lasts me 3 mos using every morning and sometimes at night also!

  139. Cheryl

    Excellent! Love this serum and it’s comparable to skinceuticals similar product. Skin looks radiant!

  140. Minerva

    I’ve been using this product for a month. I can see the different of my skin tone. It gets brighter. I have sensitive skin but when I applied this product on my face, I don’t have any problem. Good product!

  141. Victoria

    I’ve been using this product for about a year now and I love it! Skin is much improved – just the right amount of moisture, softer, plumper and more even tone. I look younger!

  142. Holly

    Got a sample along with my b5 gel order. Soften and brighten my skin well. A little goes a long way.Good price.

  143. Olivia

    I have been a convert to this Vitamin C for a long time, it keeps my skin firm and pigmentation at bay. Post inflamatory scarring from hormonal acne clears and heals alot quicker when I am using this product also

  144. Ros C

    This is my second order of CSS Vit C&E and I love it because it makes my skin texture look more refined and smoother. I also ordered for my mother and daughter because I am convinced of its benefits.

  145. Ronald K

    This product is a more economical alternative to brand name and the service was quick. More importantly, it works really well. I feel my skin is brighter and smoother!

  146. Itta H

    Excellent product. I use this in conjunction with the vitamin c&e. My skin has never felt so hydrated and looked so bright. Thank you for great products and such a friendly and helpful staff.

  147. Diane Tippett

    This product was recomended by a friend. I checked with my dermatologist who stated that the price was a bargain. I have been using it for 2 years and my skin is actually better. It is excellent. And, I am 76 years of age and do not look it! Really.
    Diane T.

  148. Heather M

    I love CSS and the C + E Ferulic Serum. I am 44 years young and have used this serum for approximately one year now. My skin is tighter, more refined, and brighter. Even my 12 year old son says I look younger than my age. This is the most effective product and best value on the market! I highly recommend it to all of my friends and family.

  149. Tash

    I has been used Cosmectic skin solution for nearly 2 years now, just in love with these skin care. Price is so reasonable compare to big brand, and it’s better result than big brand.
    I’m so confident with these skin care because I have super sensitive skin. Thanks to cosmectic skin solution skin care products to provide excellent result and soothing my sensitive skin.
    Highly recommended products I love: Victamin C + E serum, B5 gel, retinol cream, eye gel and the amazing ” day moisturising cream” definitely have to try, give you amazing result on your skin, big different to other moisturiser.

  150. Shirley

    My mum and I have been using the Vitamin C+E serum for 12 months now. We started with the smaller size and have been buying the pro size since finding the benefits. The serum keeps our skin moist and we are both addicted to it as well as the eye gel. We will definitely continue using it and have recommended to our friends and relatives.

  151. Bruno D.

    Excelent deal! I used the whole bottle now and i can say that it improved my skin tone, made my skin look tighter and wrinkles looked less visible. It is non-scented, but i prefer it this way when added parfume and other irritants…The prices are great, not as great when shipped to Europe though but still affordable. Delivery to Europe worked very well and i have no problems to report. Great costumer service and i will for sure try other products of CCS

  152. Paige

    With consistent use this serum has truly worked wonders on my skin. I’ve noticed more refined texture and lightened pigmentation. I store it in its original box inside the refrigerator to maintain freshness. I apply about 3-5 drops every morning to a clean face. Great product.

  153. Nancy S.

    I love this product! I use 3-4 drops once a day with 3 drops of tea tree oil to control breakouts. It’s the perfect combination at a reasonable price to keep my skin radiant.

  154. Monica

    After millions of experimental studies, needless to tell the benefits of vitamin C, you can just search it from wiki. It works on me and also many of my friends who follow me to use it.

    I would suggest to first time user, like me to try a lower% of vitamin c first, use only 1-2 drops at the beginning and gradually increase the amount later on.

  155. Janet C

    Everyone asks me what I use to keep my skin looking so young. I always send them to this website. I even gift this to family members and friends to introduce them to it. A great product that really works.

  156. Michelle W.

    This product has been a game-changer! My skin has improved in evenness and texture, and I have noticed that my pigmentation has significantly improved since using the Vitamin C+E serum. Thanks for making such a fantastic product!

  157. Dawn Mosher

    This stuff is amazing! I use it daily in the AM. I CSS is great, as I have sent this type of product over $100. My skin is brighter and it makes me feel better knowing I am doing all I can do to age gracefully.

  158. Jenny H.

    I really love this product. I’ve been using it for over a year now & I couldn’t live without it. I use it morning and night. Makes my face feel hydrated. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  159. Courtney W

    I am obsessed with the C + E Ferulic Acid Serum! It is an amazing product and I am a recent convert to Cosmetic Skin Solutions. I used to purchase SkinCeuticals serum for $150 until a beauty blog pointed out that Cosmetic Skin Solutions makes the same product for a fraction of the price. Cosmetic Skin Solutions serum is equal to if not better than SkinCeuticals and I am so glad that I switched!

  160. Mocaba

    I can’t live without this serum! This is the best Vitamin C I have ever used. Much better than another expensive companies. I have fully switched over and am so glad I have! Also, the savings are huge!

  161. Laura Mills

    love this product, amazing results from daily use. Sensational

  162. Rocio Espinosa

    It is amazing the results that I got in over 6 months. people tell me that I look younger but they do not excatly why… they look at me at ask me if I had botox done,or filler injected…They cannot believe it just your creams/serums!!!!

  163. elsa

    I have been using the vitamin c + e serum for several months and my skin glows more compared to using a more expensive brand before. I am satisfied.

  164. C.C

    This has quickly become my absolute favourite and most essential beauty product in my beauty skin regiment. I have previously used skinceutical equivalent and considering the price difference, I have now compeltely switched over to cosmeticskinsolutions, that I personally feel gives the same if not better results.

  165. Nicole W.

    Great product! I have used potent C serums in the past that did nothing but irritate and burn my skin, and others that were so weak they did nothing at all. This serum is amazing! No irritation right from the start, feels light and even moisturizing due to the hyaluronic acid I’m sure. I’ve been using it for two months now, and with my bottle half gone it has made a noticeable difference in the tone and texture of my skin. No irritation, no breakouts. I keep mine in the fridge to keep it fresh since it is hot and humid here, and I don’t have AC! Still can’t believe how good this is for such a low price. I still have some hyperpigmentation I am working on, using a combination of this and the Phyto gel, will continue to use both, I have heard that the two best things to use on your skin for anti-aging is a good antioxidant and retinol. Lucky for me CSS has great stuff that’s affordable!

  166. Shirley

    Excellent product!! I have used this for 8-9 months now and my skin has never felt more alive! Recently I’ve added the Phyto Botanical Gel as well and so far, it is a great combination . My skin looks clear, fresh and moist. I love these products and would recommend them without hesitation!

  167. Jeannine M.

    This product is awesome! I have been using it less than a month and I already see a vast improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. I have very sensitive acne prone skin and had some concerns about using a new product but so far the results are great! I highly recommend the C & E Ferulic Serum.

  168. Layla Q

    Excellent product… I can tell an immediate improvement in my skin & the more I use it the better my skin looks without makeup.

  169. Debbie L

    I have been using this product for 3 weeks and I have already seen a difference in the tone and texture of my skin. I have a nice healthy glow. My skin can be sensitive but myskin has adapted to it and I have no problems using every day.I would definitely recommend this product.

  170. Zaneta

    This serum is fantastic. I use it morning and as well as night serum and my face feel very refreshed. The great mix of ingredients. I will re-purchased. The service is perfect as well. I am so glad to discover Cosmetic Skin Solutions. Many thanks.

  171. Sarah

    I switched from skin ceuticals a couple years ago and love this product! I use the CE Advanced serum and B5 gel and eye serum in the AM and resurfacing serum at night, sometimes over the CE serum. My skin is always glowing. I get compliments all the time and people guess my age 10 years younger than my real age! I love the affordability of this product. My only concern is if I need to switch it up at all so my skin does not get used to it? When I’m out I can definitely tell a difference, my skin craves it!

  172. Susan

    Excellent product, haven been using it for 9 months and friends and family have notice my skin has improved a lot. I could see my pores have became much smaller. Highly recommend this product.

  173. Kristen

    This serum made me fall in love with the brand. I have only been using it for a few days and I can already notice a difference. I have been using it every morning under the B5 gel and despite my oily skin, I haven’t had any breakouts or irritations. Definitely something I will continue to purchase. I’m about to purchase the B5 gel and maybe the under eye gel because I am so impressed with this product I can’t wait to try other products in this line.

  174. Kimberly

    I’ve been using for a year and half. My skin has change dramatically- smooth, glowing and even toned. I’m hooked! Thank you CSS.

  175. Susan C

    Had a mole removed that left a massive scar on my arm. Started using this product to help heal and lighten the scare and loving the results!

  176. Vicky

    Have only been using CSS products for the last couple of months, but I’ve been really impressed. I used the 20% vit C, once finished I thought I would give this a try and it doesnt disappoint – gives me a similar glow but makes my skin feel even softer. Overall a great product. Also, the service from CSS is brilliant…thank you!

  177. Shirley

    Love this product. I’ve been using it for 5 months and my skin has never felt better. Friends tell me I’m glowing and asked if I’ve been on holidays! I certainly will continue using it and have recommended to my friends.

  178. Aneta

    I’ve been using vitamin C serum for about 2 years and must say CSS Vitamin C+E Serum is the best I’ve ever used! I use it every morning and I see great results. My skin is brighter, firmer and, I believe, very well protected from environmental pollutants and UV radiation. Great value for money as well. Will definitely keep repurchasing this one and after trying samples I’m planning to buy full sizes of other products. Well done CSS!

  179. Amy Wald

    Love this product! I have used a lot of vitamin c serums from Obagi to Skinceuticals and this one is just as good. Plus half the price and BEST of all no animal testing! Just proves an animal doesn’t have to suffer to produce a great product!

  180. Janet C.

    I heard about this formula from a plastic surgeon and then discovered it at CSS. I have been using it for several years, and it really makes a difference. People guess me to be in my mid-50s, but I’m really 70. Love this product!

  181. Erik

    This is my second favorite product after Phytos Gel. I use both of them, one after the other, twice a day, in the morning and at nighttime. I have dark spots and acne scars from years pass and I can tell the difference in the look and skin tone after using this product for almost 5 years now. I get compliments all the time and people asking me what do I do to have such great skin. I recommend this product. A must try for anyone wanting to improve the look of their skin.

  182. Marisa O.

    I love this serum. I put this on a clean face followed by the Hydra B5 Gel and it provides a perfect surface to put make up on. Typical moisturizers leave me greasy but these serums never do. I also love that there are no fragrances added!

  183. ania poland

    it is one of the best oxidiants on the market, like Ferulic serum SC but for better price. I use it everyday followed by B5 serum and they both work great on my skin

  184. StellaT

    Have tried this product out for the last week since receiving it and my skin is definitely brighter. Still early days but I like the result so far…

  185. Rob

    Been using CE Ferulic for about five years. I switched a couple years ago from the expense product to yours and have noticed better results with the CSS product. For my age my skin looks much younger than my age. I appreciate the promptness and processing of my order and feel much more secure than buying through Amazon.

  186. Kelley Y.

    I ordered pro size because I am using C&E serum every morning & night, follow by the Phyto gel. This combination works wonder for my skin, it does not only brighten my skin, also make my brown spots and acne scars fading slowly. And with Phyto gel, I can literally feel my skin is well hydrated. With Toronto’s harsh winter weather, I will add a cream as the last step of my beauty routine. I am also ordering extra bottles for my mom & mom-in-law to try now, I am pretty sure they will like the change this amazing serum brings to their skin.

  187. S.

    I just want to tell you one thing: if you want beautiful skin USE THIS PRODUCT! I have been using this for over two years and the difference in my skin is astounding. I’m not one to brag about myself but I just want to get the point across: this product is outstanding. As a middle aged woman I started looking more refreshed and younger almost right away. My friends comment on how healthy I look. You know those ads that say just use such and such product and you can go without makeup BUT you never believed them because it wasn’t true!? Well, with consistent use you will be able to do just that with this product. In fact, all the Cosmetic Skin Solutions products are just terrific. And Affordable!! I have never once been disappointed. Also, the customer service is just impeccable. If there is one product I can’t go without it is this.

  188. John M

    I love the product. My wife says I am a product junkie but this is one product I keep coming back to.

  189. JM

    Excellent antioxidant serum! Gives me anti-aging and antioxidant benefits from the purest vitamin C form – LAA. It also provides some gentle exfoliation for my skin without drying it. Affordable price, always fresh and clear product, and prompt delivery. Highly recommend!

  190. annie

    I have purchased a more expensive product but love Cosmetic Skin Solutions the BEST not only for the product but the price!

  191. William

    The best Vitamin C product I’ve ever used on my face! It does wonders for the skin. You need to try this product!!

  192. Kristin

    I chose this serum because the formulation ensures the ingredients function as they should, and remain stable over the use of the product. Further, there are not unnecessary irritants, synthetic compounds or ‘filler’ ingredients, which are often detrimental to most skin types. Both efficacy and proper formulation (backed by science) are requirements when I choose any skin care product. I have very sensitive, fair skin, and found that this serum brightened my skin, did not cause any irritation after gradually adding to my skincare routine, and was an ideal companion to my daily SPF-moisturiser routine. I recommend storing the serum in the fridge to prolong shelf life. There is no reason to buy more expensive or similarly-formulated products from other name brands. This is all you need.

  193. Shona

    This is one of my favourite products ! I’m 44 and people always compliment me on my skin and I’m sure this is the reason – it’s also a reasonably priced alternative to another brand. I’ve also tried the B hydrate and the Phloretin CF and couldn’t ask for better products.

  194. Carrie

    Love this prodcut at a fraction of the price of comparable brands! I notice a difference in the overall quality of my skin when I use this product.

  195. Dana

    My dermatologist suggested adding a vitamin c product to my regimen. I’m not made of money though, and I went to Makeup Alley to find out what was affordable, but stable and the right Ph to actually work. Cosmetic Skin Solutions was the answer. This C + E serum has definitely improved the clarity, and the texture of my skin. I use it in the morning with the Resurfacing Serum and then use my sunscreen over them. I don’t ever want to be without these products!

  196. Roz

    My skin loves this product, I have been using it now for 6 months and have definitely noticed a huge difference, my skin glows and has a better appearance. The price is great and quite reasonable compared to similar products with same ingredients, I am a big fan and have recommended this product to all my friends. My skin care regime is so easy I just use the C E and follow by Hydra B Gel both fabulous products…..Thanks Cosmetic Skin Solutions.

  197. jc

    Long time user of this product. I recommended to my friend. She asked both her esthetician and Dermatologist. Both said it was an excellent product. CSS customer service is also outstanding!

  198. Lisa

    This product is amazing! I used it in the am as it helps to keep my skin firm and bright.

  199. Bradford

    Amazing product ! After just a few weeks of use I could already start to see my fine lines reduced and months later drastically reduced. The potent ingredient combination of this serum will do wonders for your skin and won’t irritate like many other vitamin c & e products do. The great price and non-toxic ingredients are an added bonus.

  200. serge scevenels

    this is just a great product. It is now 3 years I am regularly using it, and all my friends are very surprised of my good looking skin.

  201. mp

    The more expensive brand of Vitamin C&E serum irritates my skin, this brand does not. It costs so much less, is delivered quickly and is always fresh. In addition, it is more effective than all of the new and expensive products on the market. You can’t go wrong with any of the CSS products.

  202. CL

    I heard of this company first through a skintalk forum and then from an esthetician friend. Ive used the Phloretin as well as the CE Serum and couldn’t be happier with the results. Ive used Vitamin C serums from other brands and always come back to this one because the combination of the formula with the great customer service and the price point are all ideal. My skin likes it!

  203. matt

    this is my favorite serum, it protects from sun damage and it is very moisturizing. the vitamin c and e are good antioxidants

  204. CJ

    I have bought this serum 5 or 6 times already, because I absolutely LOVE it! It is exactly the same as the $100+ serum, but for way better value. I have found that it made my skin glow, made it brighter, and made it smoother. I use this every night and every morning. I use it in the morning as a an extra sunscreen under my liquid sunscreen, and I use it at night for its antioxidant properties.

  205. Toni W

    This is a fantastic product and such excellent value compared to other companies. It has really helped with my pigmentation and works well in protecting my skin from further sun damage.

  206. Melissa

    Wonderful vitamin C serum. Using it has really shown results. It is better than the more expensive serums. So glad I found this line of products!

  207. David

    I have used this product for over 4 years and would not be without it in my skincare regime. Amazing product with proven results. Can’t be without it and living in Florida it is crucial.

  208. Mel

    I usually go to the dermatologist every 6 months to have my skin checked due to my high risk factors for skin cancer. I thought I would have a different pair of eyes look me over so I went to a plastic surgeon one time. While I was there I asked for recommendations for my face & neck (I don’t want to end up with turkey neck some day either). He recommended an expensive brand of C + E serum that was sold in his office. I didn’t buy it at that time because I wanted to think it over & do some research of my own.

    I came across Cosmetic Skin Solutions while surfing the web; it was suggested on Skin Care Talk forum. The price was MUCH MORE reasonable than the well-known brand and the ingredients are similar. I can’t compare the two brands because I’ve never tried the other brand, but I can say that I am very pleased with the results of the Cosmetic Skin Solutions C + E Serum, Advanced Formula. The price is reasonable & the company offers discounts periodically. They also do not charge excessively high shipping fees. I have been purchasing this item for a few years now & plan to continue to do so in the future (provided the price doesn’t take a sharp turn upwards). I also find myself recommending it to others. I also found their customer service to be very helpful too.

    (I thought I should add that the next time I went to my dermatologist for a skin check I saw advertisements for the more expensive brand. Hmmmm, other brand must be an ok product to use, but why spend more if you don’t have to ☺)

  209. classicbeauty

    This is an excellent product. It’s comparable to some of the most expensive C serum on the market. I received my order very quickly and product looks very fresh out of the bottle. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I will definitely purchase again.

  210. Eksteresque

    This is a great product. i’ve used many different types of vitamin C- all of which were good but this has ferulic AND is far far less expensive than the ‘leading’ brand, and just as good. I get this sent to the UK and it always arrives really quick, without any hassle. Brilliant!

  211. Tiffanie

    My dermatologist recommended I use a vitamin c product since my skin doesn’t tolerate retina A. He said an effective product should list vitamin c (15-20%) as one of the first three ingredients. After much research I found cosmetic skin solutions & I love this serum! It refreshes my skin and has helped improve my skin tone. In addition, the customer service from this company is top notch. I highly recommend this vitamin C serum!!!

  212. Judi

    Love your professional size & now my husband is using it as it is perfect for our skin, so glad I found your sight!

  213. Alexandra

    best vitc + serum on the market and great price so all women can afford it -great job!

  214. Janet

    My Esthetician recommend this for me and I’ve been loving it. It gives my skin that “glow”. The texture is not sticky like other serums and absorbs quickly. Highly recommend!

  215. Vicki

    I discovered this product while trying to find a quality vitamin C % E serum that wasn’t astronomically priced like others on the market. I was thrilled to no only find this one but to see how well it worked. It keeps the brown spots away and seems to fade the ones that are there. Just to be safe (especially during the summer), I keep my bottle stored in it’s box and in the refrigerator and it stays fresh for months. No turning yellow like vitamin C products can do. I use it every morning on my face and neck. It absorbs quickly and cleanly and then I follow it up with my daily moisturizer. I love this product and plan to stick with it permanently.

  216. Sarah uk

    Well this is the 3rd bottle I have bought after looking for a less expensive version of skinceuticals ferulic, absolutely spot on, in consistency , colour , smell and results. Keeping it in the fridge to delay oxidation. Just very pleased with delivery. CSS sell in the UK!

  217. Kelley

    I suffered from very bad breakout before, so I had quite a lot of spots, marks and scars on my face. My dermatologist recommended me to use more Viitamin C serum, after some research, I decided to give CCS a try. I am currently using both Vitmin C & E, follow by Phyto serum, absolutely love the results on me! I can even skip foundation nowadays, amazing!

  218. DaphneD

    I’ve used the name brand for years and loved it. When I was downsized from my job, I needed to find a low-cost substitute. I tried several before this Cosmetic Skin Solutions version. It’s the best. From a user perspective, it’s indistinguishable. All I want to do is stay 29 years old FOREVER. Rock and roll.

  219. Yvette

    I have been using Vitamin C+E SERUM ADVANCED FORMULA +
    for the last 6 months and I can see it really works.

  220. Olga T

    Hi there,
    I received my Vitamin C 20% Serum and it only took 10 days for shipping to Vancouver, Canada which is good. I was told by my Aesthetician-Laser Technician to start using a 20% C serum to complement a ILP & microdermabrasion procedure that I am about to start. They sell a very high end serum at the clinic for about $130Cnd. I am a very sceptical consumer of beauty products so; I decided to do some research on line. I found great comments at many forums on this product and even better information at Skin Solutions website. Let’s just say that I need facts before opening my wallet and even more to order something online but the information and price where really convincing.
    Anyways, I have been using the serum for 5 days and it feels good; although I feel a bit awkward using the dropper that come with. The main improvement so far has been in my neck and hands that were quite tanned and dehydrated after a recent long road trip. I am really looking forward to get more benefits on my dark spots; I am 48 and I do not mind so much the wrinkles but the dark spots really boarders me. I do not use to many cosmetics and I a very careful about sun exposure and still, I have been getting dark spots for some time. If I knew before more about the power of high concentration vitamin C serums, I would have tried it before booking for ILP & microdermabrasion expensive procedures. Anyway, good luck to anyone trying this product as it appears to me, this is the answer to my prayers for aging skin.

  221. Carol

    I use Vitamin E & C serum every morning before I apply the other products. I purchased the 2 oz size because in addition to applying to my face, neck and chest, I also use this product on my arms and hands. This serum helps with sun damage and works with your sunscreen so I like to use it on the most exposed areas. I let it dry for a few minutes before applying the hydra B5 gel, followed by the sunscreen. Cosmetic Skin Solutions products are priced well below comparable products and are very high quality. Shipping is super fast!

  222. Zoe G.

    I am a long time use of SkinCeuticals C&E Ferulic. But over time, it has gone from $90 per bottle to over $150, just too much for my over burdened skincare budget. I asked my aesthetician friend Stacey if she could find me a suitable replacement and was thrilled with she turned me on to CSS! The ingredients in the two products are identical but the CSS version costs over $100 less. I have been very pleased with the quality and confidently recommend it to my friends. I plan to try the Hydrating B5 also as it is supposed to increase the efficacy of the serum and I need more hydration as the weather gets colder and dryer.

  223. ShiningStar77

    I recently became more serious about my skincare after a few hormonal flare-ups. The impending big ‘40’ also probably helped the process of realization along. I had previously used skinceuticals products, which I liked. Phloretin in particular really helped to clear up the remnants of a particularly bad breakout this summer. Whilst I found the Skinceuticals line to be very good, I also found their prices to be somewhat prohibitive. I was also not very impressed by how quickly my Phloretin oxidized. I purchased my phoretin at a reduced price on special offer and understood why 1 month later☹ Alas these were the days before I even understood what oxidization was. Anyway for me £150 for a product which, oxidised after 1 month was not realistic in the long run. This girl had to find a better plan….

    Initially I considered the DIY route, however decided against it, as the cost of sourcing the actives from the US was again just as expensive as Skinceuticals in the long run, especially when shipping to the UK was taken into consideration. After much research on the Internet primarily through blogs, youtube reviews, skincare forums and amazon I came across CSS products and in particular the CSS Vitamin C+E serum. Being the reformed beauty junkie I decided to buy the introductory kit to get a feel for the products before getting the old credit card out in earnest. I really enjoyed using the trial sizes and recommend this kit as a starting point for anyone who is considering the CSS serums.

    The CSS Vitamin C+E serum is very impressive and contains similar active ingredients to that other famous brand CE Ferulic, which costs over £100 in the UK. I did quite a lot of research on Vitamin C serums, as well as the efficacy of stabilised L-Ascorbic acid. I chose the CSS serum over the alternatives due to the formulation, pH of the product and and the active ingredients. I also found the reviews on amazon useful as I felt they were more likely to be more impartial.

    I plan to purchase full sizes of the Hydra B5 Gel, UV cream, Resurfacing serum and Phyto Botanical serum next. Just need to convince my bank account to get on board!
    My only gripes would be as follows:

    1. Not as easy available for us EU sisters across the pond. Would be great to also be able to buy from Amazon in the UK so my supply could be potent and fresh and free of the threat of customs all year round.

    2. It would be really great if this serum was sold in 7x mini vials as per the trial kit. This would allow for a fresh vial to be used every week. Alternatively an amber airless pump would be a great compromise. Please consider this suggestion in particular CSS ☺

  224. GF

    I will never use another product on my face again! My Mom gave me a sample of another company’s vitamin C & E product to try and I was shocked at the results I got. When I went to order it online I was shocked again – at the price! Then I searched for an alternative and found Cosmetic Skin Solutions. I ordered the Advanced Vitamin C & E Serum and got the exact same results. Since then I’ve used several of their products and have been nothing but satisfied. The customer service is incredible! Great company, awesome products!

  225. Lisa

    I have been using this product for a couple years and love it! The products are outstanding and the customer service is awesome! They are ever bit as effective as Skin Ceuticals. Not only is it a better bargain, they’re made “fresh” and never come oxidized unlike SC.

  226. Holly

    My dermatologist recommended C&E many years ago when you had to buy from them. Cost triple. Would not like to be without it. Use it with the Hydrating B. Thank you, CSS for providing a great product at reasonable prices.

  227. Denise

    My skin looks great for half the price. I use to buy a very expensive brand which is not any better than this brand and I’m glad I no longer do.

  228. Vera

    I just bought a second bottle and love the product! It helped to even my skin tone and I like the fact that it did not cause my rosacea skin to flare up. Very light texture which helps when using layers of products in order to meet the needs of my super sensitive skin. Will continue purchasing.

  229. Carol

    I was looking for a more affordable product that was comparable to Skin Ceuticals when I found Cosmetic Skin Solutions. I love the products, customer service, fast shipment and the fact that they don’t test on animals. I started with the sample kit then went to full sizes. I use C & E Ferulic in the morning followed by Hydra B5 Gel, then sunscreen. At night after cleansing I use Phyto Gel, then alternate every other night with the Resurfacing Serum or Retinol. All of Cosmetic Skin Solutions products are a pleasure to use and have helped improve my skin. Some people have an issue with the droppers, I find it’s best to place the bottle towards the back of the bathroom counter when I’m using so as not to knock it over. I highly recommend Cosmetic Skin Solutions.

  230. Kate W

    I love this product. Having travelled extensively when young and foolish with no suncream, my skin is horribly, horribly sun damaged. Recently I have started getting some weird looking freckles – consistent daily use of this has made some of them actually disappear. Amazing. I use it all over, not just on my face, and find it helps with scaly legs, and skin tone generally. Thank you CSS!

  231. Tina H

    I believe in using Vitamin C and I am a believer of Brand names when it came skin care. I always look up reviews before I buy anything and I came across cosmetics skin solutions. They had a version of what I used at a lower price and with good reviews also. I tried it and from then on, I have used it and very happy with the results of radiant skin. I got the results I wanted and also saved some money. I’ve recommended it to my friends who also are now happy users.Why spend more when you can get the same great skin and save some money too.

  232. Mary C

    I have been using Vit. C+E for years. This is a great product. I used a product from another co. that was much more expensive. This is a great value for the exact same product. I will not go without. I have gotten this product for friends and they like it as well.

  233. angela

    I really like this product
    so far. It doesn’t clog pores and no breakouts unlike a more expensive brand I use to buy. It’s great for dry skin and my skin feels smooth with a slight glow when I apply it!!

  234. Sophie Spector

    These products are so effective. They come crystal clear, they do oxidize within a month or two of regular use but these are cheap enough to replace regularly. My advice is be very liberal with application so you don’t have any left by the time it does oxidise. Results are somewhat miraculous. I think I will purchase this for the rest of my life.

  235. HMaz

    Excellent product. I love how it feels on my skin and how it makes my skin look! Compared to other companies with similar products- this is a great value! Very pleased! I will be trying other products in your line!

  236. asn

    I usually don write reviews. But im so excited after using this product . It gives my skin such a glow .my dull lifeless skin nw seem to be a dewy nd radiant appearance. Highly recommend this product for wonderful skin. I hv normal skin .no stinging .

  237. Dayana

    I started using this stuff almost 2 months ago when I read that vitamin C & E combined have a powerful effect. However I never expected to get these results. I my skin looks glowy and awesome every morning when I wake up. It has evened out my skin tone and brighten (not lighten) my face. I have a natural glow all day long. My skin no longer looks dry or dull. I can’t say enough about this stuff! It is just awesome!!!

  238. Jackie in NC

    I got this product because a gal that does videos on YouTube highly recommended using C+E with ferulic. Her esthetician used it on her and she was liking how her skin was turning out with C+E and Hydragel B5. So I found the products and love them. I love how my skin feels and how my makeup goes on after using C+E and the hydragel.
    I have recently bought the little sample box from here with seven CSS skin products in them and have been using them as well.
    I like buying my skin care from here. They have been easy to work with and always answer my questions quickly. Generous with samples as well.
    I was going to try the ones at skin ceuticals but the YouTube video lady compared them both and it seemed like getting them through CSS was the right thing. I don’t regret it. I love that my skin is being taken care of by the right stuff. Since estheticians were using it for facials at salons, it seemed like it was preapproved and I didn’t need to shop around much once I heard that it was used at those places. And the fact that the YouTube lady I watch recommended these, that pretty much sealed it for me.

  239. Emily

    I ready love this serum. Compared to more expensive brands this is just as effective. I am back for a reorder and more product experience.

  240. Josiane

    This is the best product I’ve ever used on my face. I didn’t expect it to work that fast but with a couple of days, my skin was glowing. It also gives the skin a really smooth texture. Plus, it doesn’t break me out! I also like the texture of the serum itself. It isn’t oily and it absorbs into the skin fast. Will buy again.

  241. Claudia

    I will order this product again. I really love it! It goes on smoothly and ever since I started using this product I noticed my skin tone has gotten fresher and brighter. I’m really satisfied with the results and so I will continue using the Vitamin C & E serum.

  242. Donna

    Love this product! I’ve tried some of the more expensive brands and I have to say this formula in on par with the best of them. I’m on my 3rd bottle!

  243. Mary C.

    I’ve been ordering from Cosmetic Skin Solutions for several years because they have great products and great customer service! Whenever I email with a question about a product, I always receive an immediate friendly response. I absolutely love their Vitamin C&E Serum that has ferulic acid! It is my favorite daily product that I never want to be without because it does so many beneficial things to my skin. (Tip: keep the serum in the refrig.) The prices are very reasonable, in fact, super reasonable when compared to another leading company that sells products with the same ingredients. I’m a very happy customer.

  244. Jenny S

    I have to admit I don’t have much of a “skin care” routine and didn’t notice a huge difference on a day to day basis from using another brand. HOWEVER after use of this serum, I’ve had two very close friends (one an aestethican…or however you spell it)and asked what I was doing to my face. I’ve only been using it for a few days, but apparently, the difference is notable!

  245. Claudia

    Very nice and perfect Vitamin C+E Serum, im from Germany and i bought from this shop. The products are perfect, my skin is soft and brighter.

  246. Cary

    I am very pleased with Cosmetic Skin Solutions products. At my age, I have tried topical vitamin C’s from another very expensive company which was triple the price. I am pleasantly surprised how my complexion has brightened with the use of this vitamin C serum. It is very reasonably priced and as an online buyer it was automatic in choosing this effective brand over the other more expensive. My skin has continued to have noticeable change- I’ve never received as many compliments. On top of that, great customer service!

  247. Denise L.

    I recently came across this line of products during my last facial with my esthetician who is an expert in skin care and recommends only results-oriented products. At first, I haven’t heard of this brand, yet I received several treatments from the back bar size and in a matter of just a few treatments I actually noticed some lightening of brown spots as I also noticed breaking up of pigmentation. I have to admit, skin looks more even, lighter with a better toned complexion. It does not have any drying effect or feel awkward on my skin. it came as fresh as a vitamin c serum should and didn’t have any funny scents like other vitamin C’s I’ve used in the past. This is a new addition to my skin routine and I believe this comparable product at an exceptional price is just waiting to be Discovered!

  248. Titan

    I was paying 150.00 for the same exact product, with a different label somewhere else….same awesome results. My skin is brighter and firmer since I made the switch. I am so happy I found this company!

  249. Sarah

    Amazing results over night! I am almost 28 years old and decided it was time to really start taking care of my skin. My boyfriend just turned 40 and looks amazing… and here I am at 28 with fine lines around my eyes and laugh lines when I smile big! But other than that my skin looks pretty good. I don’t get out too much in the sun… not because I don’t want to but because working full time in front of a desk and being a mom doesn’t allow for much sun bathing! So my skin had fairly even tone and no spots but I was amazed that this product made such a dramatic difference.

    This product is amzaing… I used just 3-4 drops the first night. It felt great. It instantly made me skin feel smoother and looked much brighter. I went to bed and woke up with the softest skin. That morning I used it again right after the shower. It instantly tightens, smoothes the skin, and brightens.

    I tend to have oily skin and breakouts and this seems to heal blemishes faster and didn’t cause any breakouts.

    I knows its $40 a bottle but you use so little and its a fraction what the other brands cost for the same product.

    I am sold. I LOVE this stuff.

    *****NOTE***** I have been using this product for roughly a month now. I use it every morning right after I get out of the shower. My skin looks so much brighter and smoother having added this to my skin care regimen. On the weekends, I find myself using this, my moisturizer/spf and a little of my smashbox primer instead of makeup and feel completely confident in my appearance. Its amazing how much my skin has improved without realizing it had that much room to improve! I also have noticed undery my eyes and my crows feet are much more smooth.

  250. Billie J

    Outstanding product! I can not believe the difference it has made in my skin from the very first application. Combined with the gel it has smoothed lines and even out my skin tone. Usually I’m terribly lazy at skincare but with this the difference is so noticeable it has me hooked!

  251. Susan K.

    Unreal. I have been using this for just over a week now and I can’t believe how good my skin looks. Adding this to my routine has made such a difference! A great product at a human price. I am so glad I found this site.

  252. Kat T

    After using a similar company’s vitamin c (and other) products for years, I was so happy to discover the far more realistically priced Cosmetic Skin Solutions products. I was skeptical at first, but have been using the CE Ferulic along with the Hydrating B5 Gel and the Phyto for over a year, and have been quite happy with the quality of the products. CSS also has great customer service. It is easy to reach them by telephone or email, and the products are always well packaged and arrive promptly. Thank you Cosmetic Skin Solutions!

  253. Diane

    I love Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C and E formula with ferulic, as I like how it keeps my skin tone and complexion even. All their other products are absolutely fabulous too!! I have been using them for awhile and I can’t speak highly enough. I totally recommend Cosmetic Skin Solutions as your skin care regime.

  254. yvonne h.

    I am taking the time to review the C and Ferulic Serum. I was skeptical at first to try it, I couldn’t believe it would be as good as the higher priced serum. Was I ever wrong! This is wonderful, it does everything it says and more! I have good skin to begin with, but I have noticed better clarity, improvement in texture and very important to me, Firming and toning of my skin! I am a makeup artist and I truly believe that your makeup will only look as good as the canvas you put it on. If your skin is beautiful, you won’t need as much makeup. This serum helps me look good and I don’t ever want to be without it. Please don’t ever stop making. Thank you! Oh, and my skin is sensitive, and I have not had any issues at all. Thanks again.

  255. andy

    Great products. Since using this serum, my skin is very smooth and it has diminished redness I once had. It works very well with asian skin too!

  256. Skye

    I have been in pursuit of a powerful antioxidant Vitamin C/E and Ferulic formulation to complete my regimen of Retin A and AHA use. All have been clinically proven to stimulate collagen and promote youthful, healthy skin and tone. I am so very happy I discovered Cosmetic Skin Solutions, LLC. I have been faithful in using their serum in the AM, followed by Hydarting B5 Serum, and I am completely satisfied with the results. I can visually notice a glow in skin tone, and perhaps some firming around the mouth area. This is truly an excellent treatment, and this company deserves many accolades.

  257. Sherri R.

    Received my C&E Ferulic Serum, and it is equivalent to Skin Ceuticals, but at a far better price! I love the efficacy of this formula, and will order again from Cosmetic Skin Solutions. Very pleased, and I Thank you.

  258. Heidi S.

    Excellent product, and good value compared to other companies. Staff are always friendly and helpful and get back to you promptly should you have any questions. This product is the secret age reducer and it does exactly what it says. However if you are new to vitamin c I would use this product every other day, once a day until your skin adjusts and then build up to daily, especially if you have sensitive skin.

  259. Jenny T.

    My dermotologist recommended a Vitamin C antioxident to treat my skin conditions which consisted of pigmentation and melanin. I’ve been using the C and E Ferulic Serum for the last 4 weeks and I absolutely love it! I’ve noticed an improvement in the texture and the overall tone of my skin. I believe this serum will continue to improve my skin as I use it with the Hydrating B5. Thank you Cosmetic Skin Solutions for such a great product!

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