Supreme Phyto + Gel™

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Clinically tested and clinically approved, this botanically based SUPERANTIOXIDANT™ lightening treatment diminishes signs of hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and uneven skin tones.


Limit only 2 per order.

Botanical extracts cucumber and thyme calm redness and irritation of the skin, thus promoting healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. SUPERLIGHTEN™ ingredients kojic acid, alpha-arbutin, and uva ursi provide depigmenting properties promoting a clear skin tone.

Clinically tested and clinically approved, this botanically-based lightening gel treats hyperpigmentation to reveal the real you.  It evens out skin tones for a healthier, younger-looking skin you will love!

This lightening gel treats hyperpigmentation by evening the skin’s tone, diminishes age spots and improves the appearance of discolored skin.  Ingredients kojic acid, uva ursi bearberry extract, and alpha-arbutin safely lighten and brighten the skin by inducing depigmenting properties.

Botanical extracts cucumber and thyme soothe to reduce redness and irritation.  In addition, this botanical gel provides calming, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties.

Evens skin tone with advanced and safe lightening ingredients
Diminishes brown spots and age spots
Safe lightening ingredients.  No hydroquinone.
Hydrates, lightens, calms, and soothes in one step
Cucumber and thyme reduce redness and irritation

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This product is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator at 40 degrees F to optimize the efficacy, effectiveness, and to prolong the freshness of this product.


Each morning after cleansing, apply 5-6 drops to a dry face, neck and décolleté, or as directed by a Dermatologist. For optimal results, apply after a Cosmetic Skin Solutions antioxidant Vitamin C. Follow up with a Cosmetic Skin Solutions moisturizer and sunscreen.


Avoid getting product directly into eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Store in a cool, dry place, absent to light.

United States Manufacturing Facility

FDA-Registered with Establishment ID E1007576

68 reviews for Supreme Phyto + Gel™

  1. Angelica Sevilla (verified owner)

    My Dermatologist recommended this product. i really like it because it absorb quickly and it is not sticky. hope this will work on my skin. and thank you for the phyto+ gel mask gift, i love it

  2. (verified owner)

    One of my friends recommended this product to me since I had a breakout recently :(
    Have used it for one week and I really love it, my skins feel sooo good!
    Also got phyto+gel serum mask as a gift, I love it too, will definitely but it again.

  3. Nicole Tang (verified owner)

    Haven’t used this product for more than a week, but it absorbs very quickly and does not cause irritation (at least, none so far). I would recommend to those wanting to try a lightening treatment but have more sensitive skin.

  4. Krystalliu0209 (verified owner)

    This product is a lifesaver. I’ve been straggle with acne ever since I was a teen. And that battle leaves a few scars on my face. Some old ones already turned brown and the new ones are still red. I found this serum works faster on the red ones as I can see obvious change within 4 weeks the first time I used it. As for the brown ones, I would say it works good but a little slower which I find reasonable. I don’t believe any advertise that claim to erase aged acne scar in short period any way. I believe it requires the right product and consistent use. I would definitely keep using this.

  5. Andrea Scheel (verified owner)

    This lightening serum has greatly helped with reducing sun damage pigmentation. I also use it right before and after any chemical peel to reduce the risk of post inflammatory pigmentation. Reducing pigmentation takes time as the skin needs time to adjust and show results to the active ingredients!

  6. Susan V. Lucci

    Being a TV Star my entire life, healthy skin is so important to the camera. You may want to try Cosmetic Skin Solution’s Supreme Phyto +. Its formula offers a bevy of beauty benefits that deliver fresher looking skin when used within a well-rounded skincare routine. Just check out what it can do and add in a few other products from Cosmetic Skin Solution to give your skin the boost it needs to become stronger and more beautiful than ever.

    If you want to fully understand why some of the ingredients were chosen specifically for the task of lightening skin, then you need to take a look at melanin first. Melanin is the substance that causes skin discoloration. It is a black or dark brown pigment found naturally within the skin’s cells. The body’s supply of tyrosine stimulates melanin production, causing hyperpigmentation to occur. Injuries and irritation to the skin also cause problems with the skin’s natural tones. Once you add in sun damage, you can imagine an entire rainbow of dark colors blossoming on your skin.

    Hyperpigmentation refers to the darkening of the skin caused by hormonal changes, injury, acne scarring, medication, genetic factors, and sun damage. It can occur in large or small patches of the skin. Fortunately, Cosmetic Skin Solution’s Supreme Phyto + lightens and balances the type of discoloration and uneven skin tones resulting from these issues.

    The formula for Supreme Phyto + offers calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic capabilities for the skin. It promotes healing, while also soothing irritation.

    It features the botanical ingredients of cucumber and thyme. Plus, it includes ingredients alpha-arbutin, kojic acid, and uva ursi delivering depigmenting capabilities to encourage a clearer skin tone.

    Try Supreme Phyto + with its skin-lightening ingredients for a safe and pleasant experience. It is a skin solution created with advanced scientific knowledge and filled with potent ingredients. So in LOVE with this product!

  7. Ceci (verified owner)

    First of all I was really impress by the customer service, everything worked perfectly. I got the serum plus a Supreme Photo + Gel Mask, and I have to say I loved them!!!!!!!!!
    I really adored the freshness after using them especially the mask. I don’t have an extreme case of hyperpigmentation but I found these two the serum and the mask a great option. Highly recommend the two.

  8. Xiao hong Wang (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first because I dont really use serums, but this one actually worked for me. It took a few days to have an effect but it actually cleared my skin… im super surprised! It must have powerful ingredients. I will continue to use this product as I heard its one of the most powerful products the company makes.

  9. Cheryl Lam

    It works! I bought it in Dec 2019. After using it for a month, it successfully lightens my uneven skin colour while providing sufficient moisture to my skin. It is definitely the best product for combination skin. What is more, the price is reasonable. I can’t wait to recommend it to my friends.

  10. Jesyn

    Got this serum from CSS team !
    Always thanks to them for the fast service and fast respond thru email :)
    Will definitely recommend them

  11. Abdulla (verified owner)

    Mehdi Mohethi, I love it following skin treatment sessions.

  12. Renita Johnson (verified owner)

    Very rapid results. Skin is clear and more even tone. I will buy it again.

  13. Ming Yan (verified owner)

    I bought it on Black Friday, the seller gave me all the free gifts even I forgot to add them in the cart. The Phyto+ is similar to another skincare company as I used before. It will settle the red skin after a few minutes and reduce the red acne scar in a few days. The good point is this product has fair price and less expensive than the other brand I was using so I will definitely use this brand for now on since it works just as good if not better!


    Love this! I used to have Malasma on my face and after using a daily routine of Cosmetic Beauty solutions products, including this phyto gel my melasma and sun spots are completely gone. They’re products are top notch! Wonderful company and caring staff. High recommend their products! I haven’t tried anything that I wasn’t over the moon for.

  15. Kelly Chua (verified owner)

    Supreme phyto+gel serum is a must daily skincare product for me. Great products suitable for my skin.

  16. SAS1975

    Game changer! I was recently diagnosed with rosacea & the prescription creams were making it worse. A family member recommended this gel & i immediately saw a difference! I haven’t experienced a rosacea flare up since I started using this with a few other cosmetic skin solutions products. I highly recommend!

  17. Ameliecoffey

    This is my all time favorite CSS product! I first received it as a sample and this is where my love for all CSS products started. I leave in Australia and have pigmentation as a result of the harsh sun. This serum, combined with the phloretin serum which I use religiously in the morning and my retinol cream at night, have completely transformed my skin! My acne scars and pigmentation have faded and my skin is clearer than ever! Thank you CSS!!!

  18. Kelly Chua (verified owner)

    The new design and packaging looks attractive. I love this product and it help to clear my uneven skin tone.

  19. Kelly Chua (verified owner)

    Helps brighten my skin discolouration. Love CSS

  20. Vivi

    I got this gel as a sample, I love it very much, very smooth not sticky at all. I will absolutely buy it. Thank you for the gift.

  21. kayandoris

    This botanical gel is amazing! My skin is smoother, and less acne after using for a month!

  22. Marivi

    Trully Amazing!! I can not live without this facial serum anymore it leaves my skin perfect, definitely my blemish and sun spots have fade out and lives my skin fresh and ready for my cream or copper serum. Try it! You will love it too specially if you have mixed or troubled skin.

  23. Katsu

    First week of usage , no breakout absorb well in to the skin

  24. Ana Mchaina

    Very happy with this product. Evened out my skin tone and brightened my complexion. Very light and absorbs well into skin. Worked well with my oily skin. Will be ordering again.

  25. sallychan

    I LOVE this, I read the comments and tried it for myself, Vitamin C + Phyto. It’s been 3 weeks, and I’m shocked.
    In all honesty, as a long term sufferer of acne scarring, my newer scars is slowly fading and my older scars are improving.
    THANK YOU CSS!!! :)

  26. Stephanie

    This is an amazing serum I have already used two bottles on my third almost done. I’ve been using CSS products for the past couple years nothing has worked as well on my sensitive combination skin with the monthly hormonal acne that always seems to leave some post acne marks. This does exactly what it claims without any irritation, no stinging, no burning, no clog pores best of all it did not cause bumps or breakouts and it’s super light not sticky. This is even gentle enough to use every day as a day serum with the use of a sunscreen on top. It does work gradually to lighten some of my post acne marks and did help calm some of the redness over time. It smells like thyme not horrible. The only thing is that the green tint doesn’t do much of blurring redness and it can look slightly green on the skin but with sunscreen and or makeup on top its fine since it does work.

  27. Debbra

    I started using Phyto a little over two weeks ago and I absolutely love it! My discoloration from sun damage is not gone of course, but it is fading. I can see my natural skin tone glowing under the spots just ready to burst forth with time. In addition to my hyperpigmentation looking better, my oily skin is hydrated without being greasy and Phyto soothes it somehow. I use it twice a day on top of a CSS Vitamin C serum. My skin feels moist, almost as if it’s holding water just under the surface. Hard to explain, but Phyto is a keeper for me. Thanks CSS :)


    I started out with the sample pack. I definitely recommend getting the sample pack not only to try all the products, but to use the travel bottles and store the large bottles in the refrigerator. This will help keep the serums fresh. The photo gel is my # 1 must have out of them all. You may not see results right away, but you will feel results the first week. After a month of use I started to really notice dark spots fade. Ive been using this product and others for several months now. Phyto, vitamin C/E and the retinol are my top 3 picks. I will rotate the resurfacing serum in between. Customer service has always been great and I will continue to buy these products.

  29. Vineeta Volschenk

    I love Phyto Gel, works so well with a good sunscreen. My skin feels so good, smoother and even toned. I have been using this product for few years in conjunction with vitamin c 20% Serum and don’t think I’ll go back to using anything else ever.

  30. Rhonda

    I have been using this product for a year now and will continue to use along with the 20% vitamin C. I am completely impressed with what this product has done for my skin. After using the Phyto for about a month, I could notice a drastic difference in my skin. Very satisfied with it lightening the brown spots on my face.

  31. Tammy

    As an Australian with pigmentation, this serum has worked wonders on my tarnished skin. Using this product has evened out my skin….I know have my mum and sister onto this product! There are no cons… I like to stock up because I can’t bear to run out and on empty.
    My skin is smoother and the light serum makes it a pleasure to use

  32. Erik

    Amazing product. I’ve been using it for the past 5 years. It has changed the look of my skin, faded acne marks and sun spots.
    I particularly use it as an after shave and since I’ve started I haven’t had breakouts like I used to.

  33. Vineeta Volschenk

    Phyto Botanical Gel – amazing product. Does wonders to skin especially who suffer from breakout.

  34. Silvia

    I have been using this for several months now, and my skin feels smooth and hydrated, but not greasy. I’m very satisfied.

  35. EM

    Fabulous serum. This lightens, brightens and hydrates. It gives a nice glow and seems to make a real difference to the texture of my skin. I love it!

  36. WinonaWW

    I have been using this for five years, or so; this is a natural, non-drying, very effective skin lightening gel. I have rosacea, and this does not aggravate it—I can use it with Retin-A, and it costs a fraction of what similar products cost elsewhere.

  37. Samantha Campregher

    I notice with Phyto Botanical my hyperpigmentation start to fade away. I wouldn’t be more happier. Thank you so much, can’t say how happy I am.

  38. Victoria

    I love this! Sun damage is fading right before my eyes.

  39. noor

    This works for tired husband tried it under his eyes when his eyes were tired,dark circled,dry, and it improved the tired look,dryness, n dark circles around the eyes were better. I say give it a try if u have dry skin.
    For my husband, it works really good.i recommend it if u have dry skin,tired,easily irritated.
    I saw a difference on his skin.he is 51 yrs,white sensitive,dry,acne prone. I would say try a small amount!

  40. Monica

    Your skin will feel smoother if you try this. But the immediate result is more gradual than the vitamin c, the B5 gel or eye serum, but sure it is expected because it helps to reduce pigmentation which is always a life time work

  41. Christi

    I tried several other products and services to treat facial discoloration and nothing worked until this. I have been using it morning and night for 2 months and my discoloration is gone. Love this product!!

  42. Mel

    I will never be without the Phyto Botanical Gel. It hydrates and tones my oily skin without adding a greasy feel. Works well with the Vitamin C products.

  43. elsa

    I have been using phyto botanical gel for several months and it has help lighten sun spots on my face. I am pleased with the lighting properties of this product!

  44. Nicole W.

    Like every other CSS product I have used, I am crazy about this gel! I’ve used lightening products in the past that were harsh and irritating, none of that with Phyto. I’ve been using it in combination with the C+E serum for the past two months and it has made a noticeable difference. In the past I’ve had acne which left pigmented scars, and this combination has lightened them considerably. When I have a breakout now, the red spot doesn’t last nearly as long! This feels good and is nicely moisturizing which is great because I tend to have dry skin. I’ve gone from wearing foundation everyday to now only using a bit of concealer and light powder on many days, which has been wonderful for this summer! Very happy.

  45. Heather

    I use every a.m. in combination with Vit C + E serum. My skin is bright and clear and any discolorations have greatly faded. I Love CSS!

  46. Susan

    I added this to my other CSS products (B5, eye serum, and Phloretin) about a year ago. LIke all of the others, I love it. I alternate, so I use it about 2-3 times a week. It sinks in really fast, and isn’t oily. Never had a problem with it irritating my skin or clogging my pores. Definitely recommend!

  47. LaylaQ

    I have aging acne prone skin. This product has not only lightened my melasma & acne scars but it has also calmed the acne irritation & improved the texture of my skin. I will always have this product as a staple in my skin care routine.

  48. Cindy

    This is by far my favorite thing that I have ever put on my skin. I have combination skin and freckles, and I work outdoors in the desert, so I was starting to get some really unattractive dark spots. I started off with the C+ phloretin, phyto, and the lotion. I reordered C and phyto and added on B5 and resurfacing serum. Either the phyto, or the C and the phyto in combination, have done an incredible job. My spots are greatly faded (in under 2 months) and my skin looks more evenly toned. My pores, which were getting annoyingly large, are much more towards being normal. I’ve gone from feeling like I need to go out wearing powder to even my skin out to going out with nothing more than CSS and sunscreen. Great product, well worth the money!!

  49. Jennifer Chan

    I’ve been using various CSS products for almost 4 years now and I’ve nothing but good things to say about their products. I’m totally impressed by their customer service – any query on their products are answered within a day!Recently I had some problem with the mailing of my order and they were most helpful.

  50. Vicky

    This is my first time using CCS products – having done some research on dealing with Hyperpigmentation I decided to order the Phyto Gel. Its been 2 weeks since using the gel and I have to say I’m delighted with the results. I’ve had 2 TCA peels on the area (last of which was 18mths ago) however I still had very noticable patches left on my face, shoulders and upper back. The discolouration is a lot lighter and I have no doubt that with continued use (suggested up to 2mths) I should see a significant difference. I apply generously twice a day (so far Ive used over half a bottle)and every 2-3 days I use a 5mm dermaroll to help the product absorb even more into the layers of my skin. Overall a great product – I’ve just ordered another 2!

  51. Jessika

    I absolutely love the Phyto gel. I’ve struggled with skin problems for most of my life; so that left a lot of scarring. I started using the Cosmetic Skin Solutions line — not just the Phyto — about two years ago, and I am completely impressed with what these products have done for my skin. After using the Phyto for about a month, I could notice a drastic difference in my skin. The spots on my cheeks were a lot lighter. When I first bought products from Cosmetic Skin Solutions, I started out with the Vitamin C Serum, Phyto gel, and Resurfacing Serum. Since I started using these products at the same time, I’m not sure which one is responsible for my skin looking and feeling so great, but I have zero complaints about anything. My skin would not be the way it is today without these products.

  52. Lena

    This serum is excellent for calming down my skin. It’s instantly removes any irritation or trace of redness, leaving nothing, but beautiful skin. Love it.

  53. Joanne

    This product makes my skin bright and clear! Def will rebuy!

  54. Jane C.

    I’ve been using this product for almost a year and it has really helped to reduce the redness and even out my skin tone.

  55. Susan

    The only thng that helps the redness in my face stay at bay. I don’t have roscea but my skin tends to be pink and red depending on my day. Love this product that helps me look better!

  56. Gaeann

    I’ve been using the Phyto gel for about a month and love the way it makes my skin feel. I only need 2 drops to cover my face, and it absorbs beautifully. My skin is brighter and I plan to order the vitamin C to hopefully lighten darker areas even more.

  57. Erik

    What an amazing product!!!
    I’ve been using Phyto Botanical Gel for the past four years now and I’ve seen the results in the texture and pigmentation of my skin.
    As a 36yo male I’ve very conscious of how I want my skin to look.
    It has lighten the dark spots left by acne scars.
    I also use it after shaving to calm my skin from irritation.
    I will recommend this product 110%, you won’t be disappointed.

  58. Olena

    For me Phyto works great with C+E serum. I have done a couple of Fraxell (laser) procedures in the past twelve months. Combination of Phyto with C+E in the morning regiment, keeps my sensitive skin clear of hyper pigmentation and well hydrated every day. I became a customer of CSS in February of 2013. Quality of their products and service are impeccable.

  59. Heather

    I love Phyto+! I use with CSS C+E and the results are amazing. My skin is hydrated, firmer, and dark spots diminished to where I don’t have to wear makeup to cover them anymore. Thank you CSS for such wonderful products!

  60. Jeanne

    I was using Skinceuticals, but decided to try CCS. All of the products i have tried from CCS are fantastic and I love the price. Within a week of using the Phyto Botanica, the dark lines on my chest started to lighten. They are not gone, but they are so much lighter and it has been less than a month.

  61. Nicole

    I’m so happy I ordered the phyto gel to use after my Vit C serum. It’s only been a few days but I can see a beautiful difference in my skin. Thank you CSS for making such high quality and affordable products!!

  62. Vera

    I just received this product and have been using it for five days. I have to say that I already see a significant improvement in my rosacea skin! Redness subsided, skin tone is more even and overall appearance is much healthier. So far I am happy and if effect will last I am definitely buying it again!

  63. Josiane

    I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I’m in love. It penetrates the skin really fast, but my skin stay moisturized all day. In combination with the vitamin c serum, it gives me a splendid glow. It’s also a great base for your foundation. You will never get flaky patches!

  64. Donna

    I have tried every product out there to fade sun damage and nothing has worked until now! I use this product in conjunction with CSS Vit C+E serum and B5 Gel. Since I started using CSS products there is a noticeable difference in my skin tone and texture. Thank you!!!

  65. Donna, Florida

    I’ve got to share about how impressed I am after having used this lightening serum. Lightens, soothes, hydrates are all what I’ve experienced from using this product so it’s advertised quite accurately I’d say! After developing a few lite patches of melasma on my along my jaw line I decided to give this a try after coming across it online after searching for lightening products, well so far after having used it for spot treatments I have seen a remarkable difference in the blending of my tone. I have been using this for several weeks morning and night beneath my day moisturizer and the results I obtained are 1. lightening of melasma and spots. 2. hydrating 3. calming irritation left by my facial scrub. 4. Will work for you if similar skin care needs are required!

  66. Olivia

    Up until last year, I was on birth control, which caused the area above my lip to turn dark. Until I found this product, I was using makeup to cover it. After using Phyto + for just one week, I started noticing the dark areas were so much lighter and after 2 months, they were almost completely gone. I can actually look at myself in the mirror without makeup and no longer notice the colored areas. Even though it was such a small part of my face, it made a world of difference in my appearance.

    I read about the ingredients and like the Thyme extract that has anti-bacterial and skin cleansing properties, which can fight germs and prevent inflammation, I believe my skin benefited and improved from this ingredient. I was also very pleased at how fast my order arrived and how nice the packaging was.

  67. Brenda

    I was first introduced to Cosmetic Skin Solutions from a highly experienced Dermatologist who recommended Phyto + from this company to lighten and fade pigmentation and sun spots. Following 2 weeks of use, I have noticed an immediate fading of spots and smoother skin. I have been using this product going on my second month and my complexion is age spotless and flawless.

    The serum glides smoothly and nicely on my skin. I Love using this in my morning regimen with the eye gel and moisturizer. This product is an excellent alternative to those allergic, or not wanting to use a hydroquinone based product. I have truly experienced better results from Skinceuticals Phyto +, as I found theirs to be watery which ran down my fingers before I can apply the product.

    In comparison, I have also experienced better results with more savings compared to other brands on the market!I highly recommend using phyto from Cosmetic Skin Solutions!

  68. Diane

    I have been using CSS products for awhile now. I have not been disappointed. I received the Phyto Botanical in the sampler pack. I have hyperpigmentation on my hands so I tried it there. Within one week I noticed the spots had lightened. I have since purchased the large bottle. I no longer hide my hands. So much so, I now have my nails done to show them off..They say one of the ways to tell a women’s age is by her hands. I no longer have to worry about that..This is another product I will faithfully use by CSS..Thank you thank you thank you..

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