If you don’t want to have scurvy, take Vitamin C! But really, Vitamin C is not just for treating swollen, bleeding gums, it’s actually good for the skin too!


Growing up, you’ve been told that Vitamin C is good for you. Your folks probably have told you that Vitamin C helps ward off cold and they were right.


But is that all that Vitamin C can do?


Vitamin C, a.k.a ascorbic acid is the key to collagen production, a protein that helps in cell growth and growth of blood vessels. Vitamin C gives firmness and strength to your skin.


It’s the vitamin responsible for the skin repair. Ascorbic acid doesn’t just reverse DNA damage, also, it neutralizes free radicals, those unstable molecules known to damage collagen.


Now that you know what Vitamin C can do for your skin, you better start using beauty products that are rich in Vitamin C like Vitamin C+E from Cosmetic Skin Solutions.


This product has the perfect and powerful combination of antioxidants that will defend your skin from aging and will improve and even your skin tone.